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[Nettime-bold] Max Herman's Last Post to the Lists


This is my last post to the lists.  I'd like to announce a website i bought 
from Eryk Salvaggio, it's at http://one38.org/fulfillment.  I think it's a 
great site for me to get myself into what I call "nitrogen cycle mode."  I'm 
sure the rest of you will appreciate it.  it cost $100, a very fair price.  
It was made on special order in the last two weeks.

No last words, except thanks to in no particular order:  Alex Galloway, Mark 
Tribe, Brad Brace, dominique, and Josh zeidner.  I hope I've been expressive 
enough to communicate my affections as well as my defiance.

My two new jpgs tell a little story about my trip to New York city in 
November.  I threw the tickets at a panel with Maxwell Anderson called "The 
Museum of the New Millennium."  That's what the one photo is.  I threw the 
tickets and yelled "I'm Spartacus!"  Just a prank, but it was webcast.  The 
other one is of me at Adrian Piper's show at the New Museum, I was crying in 
the Rodney king piece.  I used a bunch of kleenex, folded them up in a G2K 
flyer, and photoed myself.  These are at:

I'll be releasing all my new stuff for the Network, after we get the 
financials figured out.  Anyone who wants to contribute a rant or a link to 
the editing process send it to nmherman@aol.com before midnight.

Always love yourself and the Tao and you can't help loving others,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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