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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Regarding the Cycling74 Corporation. - \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

0+2001. distribute as desired.

                                                        I apologize for my english

                                                                   English is FREE in 2001

Cycling74 Corporation / David Zicarelli.  -

Cycling74 Corporation employs Gregory Taylor.
Gregory Taylor has stolen half of the Sine.x cd copyright 1999-2000 Netochka Nezvanova
and subsequently broadcasted it on the public radio station he worked for.
When contacted regarding the copyright infringement Gregory Taylor has stated 
- paraphrase: We can do that. It's your fault.

Gregory Taylor has also knowingly responded with inaccurate information 
to customers' inquiries regarding NATO.0+55.   
Cycling74 Corporation has subsequently disputed the latter by submitting 
that Gregory Taylor may have contributed to something better. We find that David Zicarelli's  
education exemplified by, e.g.                                             "That's bullshit" 
is laughable to say the very least and facts are more articulate 
than - please consult a public library. You can do that.

Cycling74 Corporation employs Joshua Kit Clayton
who has publicly admitted to reverse engineering NATO.0+55.
When contacted in regards to the espionage Joshua Kit Clayton 
has stated that his personal relationship with his partner is stressed
and he is consuming vast amounts of Benadryl to cope.
We are sympathetic. 

Cycling74 Corporation employs John Eichenseer
who at a private Cycling74 Corporation "party" has distributed
Netochka Nezvanova's cds to any person who "came up to the mike"
and engaged in shortcuts to intelligence regarding NN. (incidentally Cycling74 Corporation
had offered NN a plane ticket to that marvelous display of Cycling74 Corporation employee comportment)

Additionally, John Eichenseer has conspired to shut down the following Internet domains.


Cycling74 Corporation has for several months refused to answer 
all requests for developer information or materials. Biologists
may conclude the Cycling74 Corporation is simply EXTINCT.
We think that the future is full of possibilities.

Cycling74 Corporation maintains a total monopoly on 
the authoring environment that they license from Ircam.  
We find this explains the Cycling74 Corporation comportment, vocabulary, regimen and fashion.

Practically all products that the Cycling74 Corporation distributes are licensed 
from Universities.  Additionally, several components of the software that 
the Cycling74 Corporation distributes have been financed by tax payers' money.
We find this very comical to say the least.

      Although perhaps not as comical as the insights Cycling74 Benadryl employees 
      leave in their code sent to us. Comments such as:

               "fucking up, why?"                       // may explain the stress

      As the author of the 'elegant' comment is a Cycling74 employee 
      we are a bit perplexed. (not by the vocabulary)                                                                  
      Why we are being asked as to reason their monopolised and licensed software doesn't work.

      We could answer as could anyone else with a brain but we prefer to read, 
      and thus we leave the Cycling74 Corporation with these illuminating observations
      as to future life. We can do that.

For Cycling74 Corporation distributors and dealers. Please note the above mentioned.
We wouldn't want you to.

For Cycling74 Corporation. Your linking to our web-site
shall do little to deter us from any number of legal embraces.

Warmest Regards. NN. 


ps. Very unsanitary Cycling74 Corporation+ activities have been omitted. 
    Tis not the time nor the place.

    The US. Copyright office endorsed a new federal law, a provision of the
    1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act, that makes it illegal to break the 
    technological safeguards for books, movies, and music distributed in digital form.
    This ruling was a defeat for several [....] so called reverse engineering.

                      _|- zve!te[z]!ztem. gluckl!ch fre! +? ja b!n !ch auch.

                                                        I apologize for my english

                                                                        English is FREE



                                                 meeTz ver!f1kat!Ěn.     
 Netochka Nezvanova     -  amf!teatre de l.eternelle sap!ensz
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                                                     |  |     <   
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