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[Nettime-bold] Re: thanx \ momentar! gezturz \

>Thanx to everyone who replied to my post!

ever! 1 +?  -.o

>diplomatic = <rediculous> +? <-- point well taken
>My ascii prowess is not what it used to me and I don't have time
>to compose or, for that matter, try to comprehend all the ascii jokes. 

d!d u knou dzat b! kolekt!ng zun.dr!ed grasshoprz 
du = kan obta!n > k!lokalz ov `food` energ!e per h
dzn 4rom an! odr knoun zrc +?

>That said, 

u arnt beaut!fl.

>I do have a tech question. I'm trying to put together an 
>installation in a rather non-tech-friendly environment (gallery :)
>installation involves real-time video generation. For this purpose I need
>somesort of an embedded system <-- advantage here being that gallery attendant 
>can just turn the thing on in the morning and turn it off in the evening. 
>Has anyone come accross an embedded sys (preferably Linux-based) that's capable 
>of generating video on the fly? 
>BTW I've tried Mac and Linux box in a similar scenario with some painful 
>results :(

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