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*For Immediate Release*

You are invited to attend an OPEN FORUM in
conjunction with the exhibition currently on view
at Tribes Gallery through January 13:
"Dystopia + Identity in the Age of Global
Communications" curated by Cristine Wang


**SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 2001 (6-8PM)** 

(btw Avenue C and D)
F train to 2nd Avenue (East Village)

A small panel of 9 presenters (artists, critics,
curators) will discuss the problematics of the
presentation of online work in physical space. 


Panelists will each give a 10 minute verbal
A question + answer period will follow. 
All presentations will be to a live audience and
will be videotaped and archived for web streaming
at a later date. 


ANDY DECK: makes public art for the Internet that
resists generic categorization: collaborative
drawing spaces, game-like search engines,
problematic interfaces, informative art. Deck has
made art software since 1990, initially using it
to produce short films. Since 1994, he has worked
with the Web using the sites and  An avid critic of corporate
culture and militarism, Deck's hybrid news-art
projects have addressed a variety of issues that
are regularly misrepresented in the mass media.
In the interest of preserving this available
alternative media, and sensing the drift of the
Internet toward a marketing and entertainment
medium, he has allied himself with open source
software developers, optimizing his work for use
with the Linux operating system, and publishing
source code for much of his software.  His works
have been exhibited at: Art on the Net (Machida
City Museum, Tokyo), Net_Condition (ZKM,
Karlsruhe, Germany), War Bulletin Board
(Postmaster's Gallery, NYC), Graffic Jam
(, NYC) 1998 Prix Ars Electronica (Linz,
Austria), Mac Classics (Postmaster's Gallery,
NYC).  Andy studied for a  Post-diplôme, at the
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs,
Paris; and received his MFA in Computer Art at
School of Visual Arts, NYC. He has taught at the
Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo, Sarah
Lawrence College, and New York University.
Currently he teaches at the School of Visual
For more info:

RICARDO DOMINGUEZ:  is a co-founder of The
Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT), a group who
developed Virtual-Sit In technologies in 1998 in
solidarity with the Zapatista communities in
Chiapas, Mexico. He is Senior Editor of The Thing
( A former
member of Critical Art Ensemble (1987 to 1994 -
developers of the theory of Electronic Civil
Disobedience in the late 80's). Currently a
Fake_Fakeshop Worker (, a hybrid
performance group, presented at the Whitney
Biennial 2000. Ricardo has collaborated on a
number of international net_art projects: with
Francesca da Rimini on Dollspace
(, the Aphanisis Project
with Diane Ludin.  Artificial_Geographic with
Fakeshop at Next5Minutes, and a recombinant project with
net.artist Zhang Ga. He also presented EDT's
SWARM action at Ars Electronica's InfoWar
Festival in 1998 (Linz, Austria). His first
digital zapatismo project was in 1996 - 97, a
three month RealVideo/Audio network project: The
Zapatista/Port Action at (MIT).  His essays have
appeared at Ctheory ( and
recently an article in "Corpus Delecti:
Performance Art of the Americas," (Routledge,
2000), edited by Coco Fusco. He Edited EDT's
forthcoming book Hacktivism:
network_art_activism, (Autonomedia Press, 2001). 
For more info:

JON IPPOLITO:  is part of the artistic team of
Blais/Frank/Ippolito (formerly
Cohen/Frank/Ippolito), and is Assistant Curator
of Media Arts at the Guggenheim Museum, New York.
 While most other collaborative teams present
their work as a "unified front," Joline Blais,
Keith Frank, and Jon Ippolito create
installations, books, and Web projects that
emphasize physical, verbal, or mental struggles
among the three participants. They have exhibited
their work at galleries such as Sandra Gering and
Storefront for Art + Architecture in New York as
well as in a variety of online contexts such as
the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. In 1996
they received a DNP Achievement Award for their
work Agree to Disagree Online, developed with the
assistance of Joline Blais. 1997 they received a
Louis Comfort Tiffany Prize for their body of
work.  In 1993 Jon curated Virtual Reality: An
Emerging Medium. Since then, as Assistant Curator
of Media Arts at the Guggenheim, Ippolito has
curated and coordinated exhibitions that explore
the intersection of contemporary art and new
media. He is the ongoing curator of the
CyberAtlas project on the Guggenheim Web site, a
compendium of maps of cyberspace developed with
outside curators. His writing on the cultural and
aesthetic implications of new media has appeared
in the Art Journal, art/text, Flash Art, and
ArtByte, for which he writes a regular column
entitled "Cross Talk." Their latest web-based
work “Fair-e-Tales” can be viewed on the
Alternative Museum’s Featured Web-based Projects
For more info:

JENNY MARKETOU: is a varied media artist who
works with telepresent environments and
networking technologies, translocal performance
and video and computer installations. Since the
mid 90's, she has explored new media and Internet
technologies as a new medium of artistic
expression.  Her works focus on the interstitial
space of surveillance, the virtual, networking
and speed.  Jenny’s works have appeared in
exhibitions worldwide, including: “Tenacity”,
Swiss Institute, NY; “Net_Condition”, ZKM,
Karlsruhe, Germany; Banff Center for the Arts,
Banff, Canada; 24th Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil;
“Manifesta 1”, Rotterdam; The Newhouse Centre for
Contemporary Art, Snug Harbour, NY; The
Alternative Museum, NY; “Modern Odysseys: Greek
American Artists of the 20th Century”, The Queens
Museum of Art, and Carnegie Center For the Arts.
Jenny has lectured at “medi@terra 2000”, Fournos,
Greece; Invenção “Thinking the Next Millennium
(São Paulo, Brazil); <>, CalArts, and
teaches as an Adjunct Professor, The Cooper Union
School of Art, New York and The New School for
Social Research in New York.  She was also an
artist in residence at Art Omi International Arts
Center, NY. For more info:
SAUL OSTROW:  Critic and Curator, Director,
Center for Visual Art and Culture, and Associate
Professor of Art, University of Connecticut,
Storrs & Stamford, former Editor of the book
series Critical Voices in Art, Theory and
Culture, G+B Arts International, Art Editor,Bomb
Magazine, Member of the Editorial Board of the
Art Journal, Published by the College Art
Association, Member of the International
Association of Art Critics (AICA), Contributing
editor NYArts Magazine. He writes regularly for
Flashart and the International Review of Art.  He
teaches Critical Theory at NY University and
School of Visual Arts. Mr. Ostrow has also been a
guest lecturer at: Cranbrook Academy, Mich., St.
Marys College, Balt. Maryland, Hunter College,
NYC and Seminars in Theoretical Studies, White
Columns, NYC. He has organized panel discussions
on the education of the artist with Jeremy
Gilbert Rolfe, John Torreano, Silvia Kobalski,
Gloria Kury (School of Visual Arts) and on
painting with Chuck Close, David Diao, Catherine
Howe, Anna Bialabroda and Fabian Maccassio (for
Triangle Foundation). Saul conducted an interview
with the influential American art critic Clement
Greenberg, as part of The Greenberg Symposia, a
hypertext experiment to create an environment for
a multidisciplinary approach to art history,
criticism and theory. 

CHRISTIANE PAUL:  is the Adjunct Curator of New
Media Arts at the Whitney Museum and the
publisher and editor-in-chief of Intelligent
Agent, a print and online magazine on the use of
interactive media in arts and education.  Since
the early 90s, she has been working and lecturing
in the field of new media. She is the author of
the hypertext Unreal City: A Hypertextual Guide
to T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land (published by
Eastgate Systems, Watertown, MA, 1995) and has
written extensively on new media, net art,
hypermedia, and hyperfiction. Her articles have
been published in magazines such as Intelligent
Agent, Sculpture, and Leonardo, and she edited,
among other volumes, the book in vitro landscape
(published by Walther König, Cologne, 1999) and
the proceedings of the 1998 conference "Virtual
Museums on the
Internet" (organized by the Arch Foundation,
Austria, in collaboration with the Solomon R.
Guggenheim Museum). She has been working with
Margot Lovejoy and Victoria Vesna on a book
titled context providers -- context and meaning
in digital art, which will be published by the
MIT Press.  Ms. Paul has participated in numerous
panels on new media and presented at
conferences worldwide. Her speaking engagements
included the annual College Art Association
conference (New York), the Dept. of Design |
Media at UCLA, Invenção thinking the next
millennium (São Paulo, Brazil), consciousness
reframed 2 (organized by CAiiA, Centre for
Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts at the
University of Wales, Newport, UK) and the
Governor's Conference on the Arts (San
Francisco). She has taught at New York University
and Fordham University and is currently teaching
in the MFA Computer Graphics Dept. at the School
of Visual Arts, NY. She received her MA and Ph.D.
from the University of Düsseldorf, Germany.

HELEN THORINGTON:  Helen Thorington is a writer,
sound composer, and media artist. Her web
projects include narrative works, North Country,
Part 1(1996) and North Country, Part 2 (1997) and
Solitaire (1998) with Marianne Petit and John
Neilson(1998); she is the originator of the
Adrift project, an ongoing networked performance
collaboration with Marek Walzcak and Jesse
Gilbert.  Thorington has also taken part as a
composer in a number of national and
transatlantic webcasts.  She is the Executive
Director of the independent media organization,
New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (aka
Ether-Ore), the founder and producer of the
national weekly radio series, New American Radio
(1985-98), and founder and producer of the
turbulence and somewhere websites. Turbulence
( commissions artists to
create work that explores the web medium.

MARK TRIBE:  is an artist, entrepreneur, curator
and arts administrator whose interests lie at the
intersection of emerging technologies and
contemporary art. In 1996, he founded, a nonprofit organization focused on
new media art. He then founded StockObjects, a
startup company that sold animations and other
“digital objects” online. Mark speaks widely on
new media art and nonprofit management. He plays
an active role as an advocate for net artists on
grant panels and in the press. And he serves on
the advisory boards of nonprofit arts
organizations and new media companies. His most
recent artwork, a net art project called
StarryNight, is an interface for browsing
Rhizome’s text library that represents each
article as a star in a night sky. StarryNight can
be found online at
Prior to and StockObjects, Mark
worked as an artist in Berlin, and developed
commercial web sites at Pixelpark GmbH, a leading
German new media agency. He received a Masters of
Fine Arts in Visual Art from the University of
California, San Diego in 1994 and a BA in Visual
Art from Brown University in 1990.
For more info:

MACIEJ WISNIEWSKI:  is an artist and programmer
whose work focuses on the underlying social
implications of technology and the network.  His
web-based work "netomat" is a meta-browser that
engages a different Internet - an Internet that
is an intelligent application and not simply a
large database of static files. netomat(TM)
dialogues with the net to retrieve information as
unmediated and independent in form. Our current
point-and-click navigation, rigid information
distribution, and passive browsing of "authored"
information in today's interactivity will be of
little use when using netomat(TM).  Netomat and
his earlier projects ("m e t a V i e w ", "T u r
n s t i l e 2", "S c a n l i n k", "J a c k p o
t", and "T e l e - T o u c h") have been featured
in online and offline exhibitions at Postmasters
Gallery, New York; ZKM, Karslruhe Germany; ICA,
London; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis;
Guggenheim, SoHo; Johannesburg Biennial; and
Benjamin Weil's ada'web. Wisniewski studied
toward a Ph.D. program at the Institute for
General Linguistics and Computational
Linguistics, University of Stockholm, Stockholm,
For more info:


Please join us for the afterparty
**Saturday, January 6 (8-10 pm)**
197 E 3rd Street (btw Avenue A and B)


TEL: 917-318-0081 EMAIL:

Tribes Gallery
285 East Third Street, New York 
(F train to 2nd Avenue) (btw Avenue C and D) 
hours 2-6pm daily

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