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[Nettime-bold] a logo for the counter-summit OECD - Naples, Mach 2001

To mad writers the whole world over, to demonically possessed artists,
telematic painters, and all men and women of good will:

In March 2001 the mighty of the world, on occasion of the OECD Global
Forum, will be here in Naples to discuss the reform of public
administration and a phantomatic "electronic government" (e-governance). 
We - social action centers, associations, struggle movements in Naples and the
Campania Region - are organizing a welcome for these august personages.
There is a lot of preparation to be done, so we appeal specifically to you
because we believe that your abilities and creativity can be a further
weapon at the disposal of the movements in the struggle against economic
The first thing to do, in this perspective, is to come up with a logo for
the counter-summit. Locally we have collected some ideas, a few sketches,
but we thought it would be useful and interesting to get as many people as
possible involved in this task, even internationally.
So, do we offer any guidlines for a logo?
None, except the subject (against the Global Forum), the date of the
meeting (15/17 March 2001), the place (Naples, Italy), and the theme
Our thanks to all those who get involved. We greet you. Our meeting places
are Davos, Naples, or wherever the Seattle winds may blow. 

Social Center OFFICINA 99
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