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From: douglas repetto <>
Subject: january 2001 dorkbotnyc meeting

this month's meeting will take place tomorrow, wednesday, january 3rd,
2001 at the columbia university computer music center. 7pm sharp.
see the link below for info/directions.

this month we're focusing on video artists and software. we'll have four

kurt ralske will demo his use of nato.0+55 for real-time interactive
control of video (including audio-to-video and video-to-audio mapping)

sheldon drake will show a short reel of his latest after effects video

jeremy bernstein will show some recent video work he's been developing
using MAX and NATO.0+55. he's attempting to fit narrative/discursive
content into the context of live image performance.

r. luke dubois will present some of his current work with live video

hope to see you there!

nato'z kreaz!on - nn = uaz redef!n!ng !t.



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