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[Nettime-bold] india2001: Listing of a wide-range of Indian sites

Greetings at the start of the year 2001. These wishes come from, a voluntary venture that is trying to focus on how
IT and the Internet can be -- and is being -- made relevant to the
commonman (and woman) in South Asia.
Towards this end, we have compiled a list of 2001 Indian (and a few
from the wider South Asian region) web sites. If you'd like a free copy
of this, just send an email to with
i2001LISTREQUEST as the subjectline. Also mention your name and address
in the body of the message. This listing is in HTML format and is
approx 300KB in size.
It lists sites from the field of academia (including asian studies -
careers - colleges - colleges - education - research - social service -
universities); agriculture; alternative-india; art & culture;
automobiles; banks; books; business (including industry, stocks,
infrastructure, trade, exports); communications (including in regional
languages); consulates of India abroad; cooking and food; e-commerce;
entertainment; expatriate indians; government (specific links to
various departments); health (advice, aids, ayurveda, blood banks
online, cancer, child development, corporates in health, disabilities,
doctors, elderly, facilities, health care, homeopathy, hospitals,
journals, leprosy, libraries online, medicine, pharmaceuticals, public
health, resources, tibetan medicine, yoga...); infrastructure;
IT-India's infotech industry;  job-sites; law-related links;
matrimonials; media; music; neighbours of India; news-sites;
newspapers; portals (on a range of themes); regional sites;
religion-based sites; sports; tourism & travel; women and youth sites.
Coincidentally, this listing has 2001 sites included.
We plan to also build a list of other sites from other South Asia
countries, and seek partners for this venture. If you would like us to
include sites which you feel should be in such a listing, please send
us details of the same.
Regards and best wishes, Frederick
bYtES For aLL is a voluntary, unfunded venture. 
bYtES For aLL volunteers team includes: Partha in Dhaka, Frederick
in Goa, Zunaira in Karachi, Arun-Kumar in Darmstatd, Zubair in
Islamabad, Archana in Goa, Shivkumar in Mumbai, Sangeeta in Nepal,
Daryl in Chicago and Gihan in Sri Lanka. To contact them mail  TO UN / SUBSCRIBE simply send a message to with UNSUBSCRIBE BfA or SUBSCRIBE BfA as the
subject line.
   frederick noronha, freelance journalist,
   near convent, saligao 403511 goa india 0091.832.409490/ 409783

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