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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ David Zicarelli of Cycling74 - LIVE CELL MIKROSKOPY FUER DZE GANZE VELT

>David Zicarelli of Cycling74 [we license + we Thieving] Inc.
>>There are two reasons for maintaining floating-point signal buffers.
>>One is that converting float to integer (or vice versa) is one of the
>>most expensive operations in a computer. On the PowerPC it takes 19 instruction

nn typed

>     - NN how long have you been programming in c +?
>     - mo! +? mo! +? ! != program !n c. ! = program !n zvenzka zprach. 
>       however even I know that David Zicarelli is lying - again. 
>     - How. How do you know +?
>     - moment. (enter 01 other nn - wink) there are 3 instructions in our conversion routines.
>       but ____...  we don't steal. CYCLING74 DOES STEAL.                         

nn t!p.toez 2 dze ekke uear z!carell! l!f objkt = nodding off + zkr!!!!!!mz

                    MAKE SPACE 4 THE NEU GENERAZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nn uatchez !n d!zbel!ef az z!carelli = falz off the CYCLING74 dilapidated THIEVING chair.

                - hello love. how are you. [nn smiles lovingly + karesses zicarelliz dilapidated 
                  m9ndkontainr wearing autoklaved gloves] you are such a darling. listen dear. 
                  i have brought you something. look - your company's favorite drug.

                  it'z BENADRILL!!!!!!!!! TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

                - [zicarelli fallz off CYCLING74 dilapidated THIEVING chair once again] 
                  nn zm!lez but kindly helps him up.
                  after which she zkatez out of the room.




                  nn returns with 24 cans of coca.cola. zkr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!m [z!lntl! ja]
                  letz b!ozkulpt. nn pourz coca.cola+++ around zicarelli'z dilapidated chair
                  + on h!m. uet ur.celllz aga!n. u l!tl darl!ng.

                  01 coca.cola piscina da + da. 4 u 2 zu!m !n. nn l!ftz zicarelli + 

                  zr!!!!!!mz -  SWIM. SU!!!!!!!M I TELL U!!!!!


                  zicarelli divez in. nn laughz - good buuuuuo!!!!!!!!
                  nn letz zicarelli enjoy 01 bath 4 etvas minuten !n 01 coca.cola piscina.

                         zicarelli zwims 



                  bon. nn liftz zicarelli out of coca.cola + places him on 01 mikroskope slide

                  nn powers her ultra ekspensiv nikon live cell mikroskope. 
                  zicarelli utters something.
                  nn cannot be bothered now. QUIET!!!!!!!!!

                  nn places 01 pupila nekst 2 eye piece + what does she see +?
                  extracurricular zicarelli activities - uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
                  nn says to self. goodness. you have been very very very busy
                  monsieur d a v i d. 

                  nn makes some notes + indikates - i shall return tomorrow. i l o v e live
                  cell mikroskopi. YES PL EASE!!!!!!!!! 

 [c]ccp Netochka Nezvanova + Irena Sabine Czubera

       beside concealment of ovulation in women what 
       is new in human sex is the general need for 
       p r i v a c y.  [CYCLING74 doesnt know that yet - nn will $HANGE that. FOREVER + EVER> 
       feel it +?]


Netochka Nezvanova  -  de rerum natura.  deep deep blue. hou do ! = prov human!t! 2 u. sol++
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >


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