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[Nettime-bold] ADV: Free Search Engine Placement Report - Get Yours Today

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                            F R E E   R E P O R T  

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Did you know that 85% of web traffic originates from search engines?  AND
did you know that 98.2% of searches do NOT go past the third page of search
results? (from the GVU 10th WWW User survey, Oct-Dec 1999)

As a means of introduction we are offering you FREE a one time, no
obligation, report of your website`s rank on the major search engines.  You
must know whether or not your website is achieving top rank on the major
search engines.  If you are not within the first 30 results you loose a
distinct advantage over your competition.  Obviously the higher the better.

Click the link below and find out immediately if your website has the
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If you have any questions or comments either before or after you have
received your free report, please don`t hesitate to write us at

Thank you for your time

Your search engine Placement Specialists

Creating Positive Solutions for Your Internet Business

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