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[Nettime-bold] Barbara London: Curator of Video and Digital Media, MOMA will join us as the 10th panelist for:

Barbara London: Curator of Video and Digital
Media, MOMA will join us as the 10th panelist

Dystopia + Identity Panel Discussion:
"On The Presentation of Online Art in Physical

Saturday, January 6 (6-8pm)
Tribes Gallery
285 East Third Street New York


London is a Curator at New York's Museum of
Modern Art. She's been there since 1974, when she
founded the Museum's ongoing Video Exhibition
Program. She built an essential context for the
visionary statements being made internationally
in video and media art by multi-cultural voices,
emerging talents, and more established artists
such as Laurie Anderson, Gary Hill, Mako
Idemitsu, Joan Jonas, Shigeko Kubota, Nam June
Paik, Bill Viola and Zhang Peili. Her objective
has been to link the electronic arts with the
more traditional art mediums. To document,
preserve, and support this vital art field, she
the Video Study Center and assembled its unique
collection of more than 1,000 independently
produced videotapes and related historical and
theoretical publications. She is also an
Instructor at the School of Visual Arts, 1994-97.
To further her professional development, Ms.
London took two sabbaticals to investigate new
trends in electronic technologies and the effects
on the creation and distribution of the arts in

Selected bibliography:

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"Video Letter of Shuntaro Tanikawa and Shuji
Terayama," Camera Obscura, Los Angeles, Fall


please join us for a drink + some new media chat
in front of the fireplaces with barbara london
and all the other panelists: andy deck, ricardo
dominguez, jon ippolito, jenny marketou, saul
ostrow, christiane paul, helen thorington, mark
tribe and maciej wisniewski on:

**Saturday, January 6 (8-10 pm)**
197 E 3rd Street (btw Avenue A and B)


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