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[Nettime-bold] New media notice boards

<announcement> has launched a series of bulletin boards for announcements
of media-related events, action alerts and other notices as well as for job postings
and the exchange of media equipment, content, footage or research. We hope you'll find them a useful way to share information and resources with media activists, media makers, critics, journalists, advocates, academics and others. We invite and welcome your feedback on this new feature.

Please visit
In general, most announcements included in the <nettime> round-up
would be appropriate for posting on MediaChannel.

MediaChannel is a non-profit, public interest site dedicated to
exploring the social, political and cultural impacts of media worldwide.
MediaChannel is a global network of over 560 media-issues groups.

Aliza Dichter

NB: While all of these boards and ads are free for now, sometime in the
future we may consider charging a small fee for some categories, as a
sustainability strategy for our non-profit site. This will not happen
without advance notice and will only affect a few of the boards.
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MediaChannel: the non-profit, public interest network
of over 500 media-issues groups worldwide.