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[Nettime-bold] Bush Body Count

> Bush Body Count -- from http://www.bk2k.com/bushbodycount/bodies.html
> Paul Wilcher <http://dolphin.gulf.net/sep25/Is>
> His partially decomposed body was found in his home, still seated on the
> toilet. According to the Washington Times, "...he was investigating the
> theory of an 'October Surprise' conspiracy during the 1980 federal
> election campaign. He had been interviewing an inmate who claimed to have
> piloted George Bush to Paris so he could secretly seek to delay the
> release of 52 American hostages in Iran."
> Sid Adger
> <http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/news/nation-world/html98/bush_19990909.h
> tml>
> Mr. Adger, a Houston oil supply company executive and Bush family friend,
> died in 1996 of unknown causes. Adger was the mysterious businessman who
> approached General James Rose and asked him to help George W. Bush avoid
> Vietnam by recommending him for a pilot position with the National Guard.
> General James Rose
> <http://texasobserver.org/Archives/990917_dubya_and_press.html>
> General Rose recommended George W. Bush for a pilot position with the
> Texas National Guard. He died of unknown causes in 1993. He was
> immediately buried and no autopsy was performed.
> Orlando Letelier
> He was torn to bits by a car bomb on the streets of Washington DC just
> before he was to testify against the Chilean dictator Pinochet. After the
> bombing, CIA Director George H. W. Bush told the FBI that there had been
> no Chilean involvement whatsoever. In 1991 the post-Pinochet Chilean
> Supreme Court asked George H. W. Bush if he would submit to questioning.
> Ronni Moffit
> <http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/CIA%20Hits/Letelier_CIAHits.html>
> She was Letelier's assistant. She and her husband were riding in the car
> with Letelier when the bomb exploded. Mr. Moffit survived. Ronni didn't.
> Amiram Nir
> He was a former Israeli agent who was in Jerusalem with George Bush during
> Iran Contra. He went under the assumed name of Pat Weber. Nir was
> scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he would
> reveal the truth. He perished when his aircraft was shot down with
> missiles from the helicopter of a man called Gene Tatum, 25-year CIA deep
> cover agent.
> Senator John Tower
> He was appointed by the Reagan/Bush Administration to chair the bipartisan
> committee to investigate the Iran/Contra scandals. He directed the Tower
> Report and had all the Iran Contra documents that told the real story. He
> was killed in an airplane crash later in Georgia in 1991. Also killed was
> his daughter, Marian.
> Mario Ruiz Massieu
> <http://web-cr05.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/mexico/family/mariorui
> zmassieu.html>
> An apparent suicide, Massieu was facing charges that he laundered money
> for the cocaine cartels. A Houston, Texas jury had found that $8 million
> in his bank accounts was paid to him by cocaine cartels.
> Steve Kangas <http://www.politicalamazon.com/kangas.html>
> His web site, Liberalism Resurgent, was meticulously researched and
> presented such a problem to the "real boss" of George Bush, Richard
> Scaife, that he hired a private detective to look into Kangas' past. Steve
> Kangas was found in a 39th-floor bathroom outside of Scaife's offices at
> One Oxford Centre, in Pittsburgh, an apparent suicide. Mr. Kangas, a very
> prolific writer, left no note. He had brought a fully-packed suitcase of
> clothes with him to Pittsburgh. He bought a burglar alarm shortly before
> he left for Pittsburgh. Why did he need a burglar alarm if he was going to
> commit suicide? An avowed advocate of gun control, he nevertheless bought
> a gun. What was he afraid of? Why did he go to Pittsburgh? After his
> death, his computer was sold for $150 and its hard drive wiped clean.
> Everything in his apartment was thrown away.
> Mohammed Zia al-huk
> Dictator of Pakistan, and knew all about Iran/Contra, the training,
> funding, and arming of narco-terrorists like Osama bin Laden. In August
> 1988, the same day George Bush got the Republican nomination, his plane
> crashed into the ground with all engines running. The Pakistanis kept the
> bodies around (in violation of Islamic custom) for weeks, awaiting US
> experts. They showed up three weeks later and never checked the bodies.
> Why?
> Malcolm Baldridge <http://www.tje1.com/spn/1987.html>
> Commerce Secretary May 1987. Baldridge was familiar with the Bush family
> ties to the Communist Chinese. He died in a mysterious horseback riding
> accident.
> Karla Faye Tucker
> <http://www.time.com/time/magazine/articles/0,3266,39180,00.html>
> She was executed in spite of enormous protest from the public, even those
> religious groups that advocate the death penalty. Even Pat Robertson
> thought that Karla was truly repentant and asked George W. Bush to spare
> her life. He refused. Afterward, in a Talk Magazine interview, this
> stalwart of the Republican Party made fun of the woman whose death warrant
> he had sanctioned. How compassionate!
> John Fitzgerald Kennedy
> An internal FBI memo reported that on November 22 a reputable businessman
> named George H. W. Bush reported hearsay that a certain Young Republican
> had been talking of killing the President when he came to Houston. The
> Young Republican was nowhere near Dallas on that date. According to a 1988
> story in The Nation, J. Edgar Hoover said in a memo that Mr. George Bush
> of the CIA had been briefed on November 23rd, 1963 about the reaction of
> anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Miami to the assassination of President
> Kennedy. George H. W. Bush has denied this, although he was in Texas and
> cannot account for his whereabouts at the time.
> Hale Boggs
> He sat on the Warren Commission, which concluded that President Kennedy
> was slain by a lone assassin. Later, in 1971 and '72, Boggs said that the
> Warren Report was false and that J. Edgar Hoover's FBI not only helped
> cover up the JFK murder but blackmailed Congress with massive wire-tapping
> and spying. He named Warren Commission staff member Arlen Specter as a
> major cover-up artist. Congressman Boggs' plane disappeared on a flight to
> Alaska in 1972. The press, the military, and the CIA publicly proclaimed
> the plane could not be located. Investigators later said that was a lie,
> that the plane had been found.
> George de Mohrenschildt
> A rich Russian oilman, he was described with his wife as being the two
> people friendliest to Oswald at the time of the assassination. De
> Mohrenschildt was the man who moved Oswald to Dallas. In the late 1970's,
> shortly before the first meeting of the House Select Committee on
> Assassinations, de Mohrenschildt started seeing a new doctor in town. He
> quickly became mentally unstable, at which time his wife convinced him to
> stop seeing the doctor. They moved away and left a false forwarding
> address. On the same day that the Committee tried to contact him about
> testifying, he was found dead of a gunshot wound. In his personal address
> book was the entry Bush, George H.W. (Poppy) and Zapata Petroleum Midland
> (the oil company owned by George H.W. Bush).
> Barry Seal
> He was supposedly murdered by Medellin cartel members, but a 6-month
> investigation by Sam Dalton, attorney for three of the accused murderers,
> into Mr. Seal's life and death uncovered some interesting points. The
> accused's cartel connections were well known, but not their association
> with Oliver North's enterprise. Mr. Seal was a drug smuggler, up to his
> armpits in smuggling cocaine for - guess who? - the CIA. During the
> penalty phase of the Columbians' trial, testimony by one government
> witness on the activities of Mr. Seal was so damaging to the government
> that 2 of the jurors wanted to change their verdict to "not guilty". The
> personal telephone number of George H. W. Bush was found in the trunk of
> Mr. Seal's car.
> William Colby
> <http://www.odci.gov/cia/public_affairs/press_release/archives/1996/ps0513

> 96.html>
> This former CIA director disappeared in an apparent boating accident, and
> a body was later discovered (minus the life jacket Colby's friends
> insisted he always wore while boating) and buried promptly. John DeCamp, a
> lawyer from Lincoln, Nebraska, and Colby's close friend and confidant,
> said Colby's death was not an accident. He stated that Colby was prepared
> to disclose that missing P.O.W.'s were working for a dope smuggling
> operation orchestrated by General Colin Powell, Pentagon official Richard
> Armitage, and George H. W. Bush.
> Mrs. E. Howard Hunt <http://www.weberman.com/nodules/nodule20.htm>
> In December 1972, while George H. W. Bush was at the Republican National
> Convention, a United Airlines flight carrying Mrs. Dorothy Hunt, CIA
> operative and wife of Howard Hunt, (CIA operative and suspect in the
> Kennedy assassination) crashed. Believed to be carrying $25,000 in "hush
> money", she died in this crash.
> Vince Foster <http://dolphin.gulf.net/sep25/Is>
> It has been conjectured that Mr. Foster was killed by Republican
> operatives for George Bush after he found evidence of Bush involvement in
> the death of Mrs. E. Howard Hunt when reviewing the White House Travel
> Office files.
> Danny Casolaro <http://wwfreepress.com/inslaw.html>
> He was working on a book that tied together the scandals surrounding the
> presidency of George H. W. Bush. He told his friends he was going to
> "bring back" the head of the Octopus. Instead, his body was found in a
> hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, on August 10, 1991, an apparent
> suicide.
> Don McCoy
> Mr. McCoy had agreed the day before to turn state's evidence in an FBI
> investigation that threatened some of El Paso's most prominent business
> leaders. On February 19, 1988, he took off from El Paso International
> Airport, banked to the right and headed southwest for approximately 2 
> miles before his plane slammed into the I-10 right-of-way and exploded.
> With him was his secretary and her 11-year old son. All three were killed.
> Olof Palme
> <http://www.50megs.com/davidicke/icke/magazine/vol5/bush/bush17.htm>
> He was the prime minister of Sweden, assassinated in 1986. Oliver North,
> the golden boy of the Bush/Reagan machine, had met with Mr. Palme to
> discuss the possibility of obtaining false end-user certificates for the
> plethora of weapons that were being purchased, so that they would seem to
> have come from a country other than the U.S. Mr. Palme refused to
> participate, after the plan was presented to him. He was dead within
> weeks.
> Archbishop Oscar Romero <http://www.icomm.ca/carecen/page41.html>
> Archbishop Romero was a true hero, speaking out against atrocities by a
> Bush/Reagan-backed fascist government. He refused to appear in public with
> any army or government personnel, and was a voice for the thousands of
> tortured, slaughtered and oppressed in El Salvador. He was shot in the
> back while preparing Mass. The death of Archbishop Romero is one among
> many. There is not enough space to list the hundreds of thousands who died
> under Reagan/Bush-backed, right-wing governments.
> David Wayne Spence <http://www.commondreams.org/headlines/061100-01.htm>
> David Wayne Spence was executed in Texas in 1997 in spite of compelling
> evidence of his innocence. Two of the State's witnesses were co-defendants
> who testified to avoid the death penalty, one of whom changed his story
> three times in response to discrepancies. He later testified that D.A.
> Simons encouraged him to alter his testimony. Two other witnesses for the
> State were jailhouse snitches who recanted later and stated that Simons
> offered them favors in exchange for testimony. All of this and more was
> supposedly reviewed by Governor George W. Bush, but Bush refused to
> commute his sentence, and did not order the Board of Pardons and Paroles
> to review his request for clemency. It is a myth that a Texas Governor can
> do nothing to stop executions; the Board will almost always go with his
> recommendation. Bush washed his hands of the matter and did nothing.
> Reasonable doubt is not a factor in Texas justice.
> Gary Graham <http://www.ncadp.org/press.html>
> Gary Graham was convicted of the robbery and murder of a white man in
> 1981. Nearly two weeks after the crime, the state's prime witness could
> not pick Gary's picture out of a photo line-up. Mr. Graham was arrested
> with a 22 caliber pistol. The victim had been killed with a 22, but the
> police firearms examiner determined that Mr. Graham's gun DID NOT fire the
> fatal bullet. Four witnesses said Gary Graham was with them, miles away
> from the convenience store, when the murder occured. All four took and
> passed polygraph tests. George W. Bush, predictably, expressed his faith
> in the Texas judicial system and allowed Mr. Graham to be put to death.
> Mr. Graham maintained his innocence to the end.
> William Casey <http://www.consortiumnews.com/archive/xfile7.html>
> William Casey was CIA Director during the Reagan/Bush Administration. He
> died 2 days before he was to testify about his and others' involvement in
> the Iran/Contra scandal.
> Lt. Colonel William Harris, Jr. <http://www.cis.net/~coldfeet/Intro.htm>
> Lt. Col. William Harris was one of two commanding officers who could not
> perform George W. Bush's annual evaluation covering the year from May 1,
> 1972 to April 30, 1973. They stated in their filing that "Lt. Bush has not
> been observed at this unit during the period of this report." Fortunately
> for George W. Bush, Lt. Col. Harris is not here to verify his 1973
> statement. He's dead.
> Lt. Colonel Jerry B. Killian <http://www.cis.net/~coldfeet/Intro.htm>
> Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian was another of George W. Bush's commanding
> officers. He cannot testify in a court of law as to George W. Bush's
> dereliction of his sworn duty. Lt. Col. Killian is dead.
> Edmond J. Safra <http://www.consortiumnews.com/120499a.html>
> Banker Edmond J. Safra died mysteriously when a fire swept his Monaco
> penthouse apartment. His banks had been used for laundering money by the
> Bush Iran/Contra traitors.
> Charles Ruff <http://www.bk2k.com/bushbodycount/ruff.html>
> Attorney Charles Ruff successfully defended President Bill Clinton against
> the smear campaign by the reich wing Bush machine. He died of an accident
> in his home. Details of the accident are unknown. Ruff had been assisting
> Vice President Al Gore's legal team during the recount proceedings in
> Florida, where a battle for the right to know the will of the people is
> raging.
> Lars Erik Nelson <http://www.bk2k.com/bushbodycount/nelson.html>
> Lars-Erik Nelson was a reporter for the New York Daily News and a constant
> critic of George Bush throughout the 2000 Presidential campaign. He wrote
> a series of articles on how Bush was trying to steal the Florida election.
> Found dead in his living room of an apparent stroke on November 21, 2000,
> the very day that Bush lawyers were making their arguments before the
> Florida Supreme Court.
> Henry B. Gonzalez <http://www.sfbg.com/News/32/21/Features/iraq.html>
> Henry Gonzalez, former Congressman from Texas, was the Chairman of the
> House Banking Committee during the Reagan and Bush years. He oversaw
> hearings on the S&L fiasco which nailed Neil Bush, and tried to have both
> Reagan and George Bush impeached. In a speech before Congress on July 27,
> 1992, Gonzalez revealed that George Bush signed a top secret National
> Security Decision directive, known as NSD 26, ordering closer ties with
> Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Henry Gonzalez died of unknown causes on November
> 27, 2000.
> Charles M. McKee and Matthew Gannon
> Charles M. McKee, ostensibly a military attache for the DIA in Beirut,
> Matthew Gannon, CIA Deputy Station Chief in Beirut, and three others were
> on board Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland. They
> were part of a counterterrorist team in Beirut investigating the possible
> rescue of 9 American hostages in Lebanon. The McKee team uncovered
> evidence that a rogue CIA unit called COREA, based in Wiesbaden, was doing
> business with a man called Monzer Al-Kassar, a Syrian arms dealer and drug
> trafficker. Al-Kassar was part of the covert network run by U.S. Lieut.
> Colonel Oliver North. Outraged that the COREA unit in Wiesbaden was doing
> business with a Syrian who had close terrorist connections and might
> endanger their chances of rescuing the hostages, the McKee team decided to
> fly back to Virginia unannounced and expose the COREA unit's secret deal
> with al-Kassar. They never got there. "For three years, I've had a feeling
> that if Chuck hadn't been on that plane, it wouldn't have been bombed,"
> said Beulah McKee, 75, Charles McKee's mother, to Time Magazine. Four
> months after her son was killed for his efforts to expose the CIA, Mrs.
> McKee received a sympathy letter from George H. W. Bush. Mrs. McKee has
> never been satisfied with the government's version of events.

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