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[Nettime-bold] for immediate release: February Exhibition

Artemisia Gallery Chicago
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February Exhibition
Show Dates: February 1st  to February 24th
Opening Reception: Friday, February 2nd, 5-8 PM

Main Gallery: Rina Yoon
Korean Printmaker Rina Yoon has lived and worked in the United States
for over 18 years.  Her dreamlike collographs express her experience the
sense of timelessness that comes from living this double identity,
belonging in two places yet belonging in neither.   Her collographs are
created using an extraordinarily wide range of tools, drawing directly
on the plate with power tools or an etching needle, applying various
textured materials, and cutting the plates into various shapes.  Her
presentation is also unconventional, presenting the prints mounted and
canvas on stretchers.  Yoon is an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at
the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design.

Gallery A: Deanna Lee
Deanna Lee's beautiful and obsessive paintings and sculptures merge and
transform the realistic rendering and the cartoon.  A recent graduate of
the MFA in Painting and Drawing at The School of the Art Institute of
Chicago, Deanna is the recipient of this year's Linda Kramer Fund Award
for Exhibition.

Gallery B: Rasa Staniuniene 'In Space'
Lithuanian artist Rasa Staniuniene's exhibition at Artemisia has been in
the planning for several years.  Artemisia Gallery Member Louise
McKissick met Rasa while working on the CAIP sponsored Observatory
Project in Lithuania in 1997.  Rasa participated in the exhibition with
the help of her husband and fellow artist Sigitas Staniuniene, despite
having just emerged from being in a coma for 8-9 months after falling
from a four story building while working on an installation project in
Toronto.  She has continued to work despite limited mobility in a
country that does not provide much assistance for the disabled, recently
exhibiting at the Academia Gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania.  Through the
support of Rasa's family and Louise's commitment to showing Rasa's
playful abstract drawings and paintings in Chicago, Artemisia Gallery is
pleased to be presenting this milestone exhibition, 'In Space'.

Gallery C: Alice Shaddle
Former Artemisia Gallery Member Alice Shaddle has worked in painting,
sculpture, collage, and installation in her career as a Chicago artist
which spans almost a half-century.   Her fantastic organic expressions
of artistic freedom have been exhibited at The Art Institute of Chicago
and The Museum of Contemporary Art, are in the permanent collection of
the Smithsonian Institute, and have been reviewed in Artforum and Art in
America.  On view is a series of collages.

Gallery D: Helidon Gjergji
Helidon Gjergji was born and raised in Albania, the most aggressive
'Communist' dictatorship in the Eastern block, he then lived in Italy
for many years, and now in the United States.  Experiencing living in
these disparate social and economic systems has influenced his work both
in content and form.  His current work combines artifacts of the old and
new, including media artifacts, merging 'Propaganda' Art and 'Pop' Art
into what he calls 'Prop' Art.

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