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[Nettime-bold] transmediale.01 newsletter #3a - Conference 8 Feb: Software

transmediale.01  - international media art festival berlin
DIY [ do it yourself ! ]
4 - 11 February 2001

The transmediale.01 includes a two-day conference about the DIY theme,
focusing on Software (8 February) and Net-based Forms of Distribution and
Participation (9 February). On both days, there will be simultaneous
English-German translation in the hall, and a live-stream online.

* Social Software - Soziale Software

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 14.30 - 18.00 h

The development of computer hardware and the global network infrastructure
provide ever-extending possibilities for social and creative interactions
between people. These possibilities have to be designed and coded in
software in order to be realised. Thus, software becomes a crucial catalyst
for the emergence of the Information Society and its social and cultural

To what degree does software determine the structures and potentials of
technically based communities? What will be the social design of future
political processes? Will political representation become as virtual as
online voting? How can software be used not only to support, but also to
catalyse social processes? How do social standards of commitment and
responsibility work in an environment where anonymity and fluid identities
are a given?

Project presentations

Lutz Henckel (D), GMD FOKUS, project manager of the German BerliOS Open
Source platform

Christian Hübler (CH), Knowbotic Research: IO_dencies, experimental and
artistic interfaces for networked cooperation

Heiko Idensen (D), Hyperdis: hypertext projects and collaborative writing

Thomax Kaulmann (D): Open Meta Archive, an open, multi-nodal database
structure for cultural content

Prof. Dr. Dieter Otten (D), University Osnabrück, research project manager
'Internetwahlen' (online voting)

Joel Slayton (US), C5 Corporation: SoftSub, an information mapping and
representation project

Discussion panelists

Steven Clift (US), political analyst of 'e-democracy'

Michael van Eeden (NL), programmer, co-founder of Amsterdam's Digital City

Georg Greve (D), programmer, software analyst, representative of the
European Free Software Foundation Hamburg

Jeanette Hofmann (D), political scientist, internet researcher at the
Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin

Rena Tangens (D), FOEBUD Bielefeld, net pioneer and cryptography expert

Kindly supported by Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung

* Artistic Software - Software Art

Thursday, 8 February 2001, 20.30 h

The transmediale.01 has organised the first award competition that includes
an art prize for software. This competition recognises the artistic work
done by hybrid artist-programmers who are neither 'interactive media
artists' or 'net artists', but whose aesthetic material is code and whose
expressive form is software programming.

The definition that has been suggested for Software Art is that it
incorporates projects in which self-written algorithmic computer software
(stand alone programmes or script-based applications) is not merely a
functional tool, but is itself an artistic creation.

Through the competition and this panel discussion, the transmediale hopes
to stimulate the debate about software as a motor of cultural innovation.
Does software serve a merely instrumental function, or does it offer new
and creative cultural perspectives? Is computer code a genuine artistic
material like paint or digital images?


Jean-Pierre Balpe (F), professor for Hypermedia at University Paris 8

Florian Cramer (D), literary scientist and free software expert, Software
Jury member

Ulrike Gabriel (D), artist, Codelab manager, Software Jury member

Anne Nigten (NL), manager of the V2_Lab for the Unstable Media Rotterdam

Gerfried Stocker (A), artist and engineer, artistic director of the Ars
Electronica Center Linz

Presentations of projects shortlisted for the Artistic Software award:

Chris Czikszentmihalyi (US): DJ I Robot
Golan Levin (US): Audiovisual Environment Suite
Netochka Nezvanova (NL): Nebula.M81
Daniela Plewe (D): Ultima Ratio
Antoine Schmitt (F): Vexation 1
Adrian Ward/Signwave (UK): Auto-Illustrator

Kindly supported by Gate5.

English/German simultaneous translation.
Tickets: 1 panel DM 20 (red. DM 15), both panels DM 35 (red. DM 25)
Reservations at:

The festival website is still under construction. However, an ACCREDITATION
FORM is already available on

PRESS: please, contact

The NEXT NEWSLETTER will be published on 12 January and will contain
information about the transmediale.01 video screening programmes.

Best regards,

the transmediale team


DIY [do it yourself!]
4 - 11 february 2001
international media art festival berlin

klosterstr. 68-70
10179 berlin
fon +49 30 2472 1907
fax +49 30 2472 1909
Member of the European Coordination of Film Festivals E.E.I.G.

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