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Joan Bryden’s Dec. 26 article “Captain Canada”
Reinvents himself, said Brian
Tobin is ready to take on the job of making
Canada a name in the world of
science and technology,
“The last event he planned before quitting to
return to federal politics was
next summer’s 100th anniversary of Italian
inventor Guglielmo Marconi’s
first wireless transmission from Signal Hill in
St. John’s”.
My intention is to introduce readers to the fact
that the real father of the
wireless transmission was Nikola Tesla (Please
read the book of Marc J.
Seifer, “Wizard The life and Times of Nikola
Tesla – Biography of a Genius”
, highly recommended by the American Academy of
the Advancement of Science).
It is known that Nikola Tesla has field patent
applications numbers 645576
and 649621 for basic radio, on September 2nd 1897
and those were granted him
in 1900. Marconi’s application number 763772 of
November 10th 1900 was
turned down.
Besides that and Tesla’s lawsuit for fringed
patent law, Marconi was awarded
the Nobel Prize in 1911.
The U.S. Supreme Court decision, Case No 6369 of
June 21st 1943, was that
Marconi’s patent was invalid and favored Tesla’s
patent which had priority.
Unfortunately for Tesla himself the Court
decision was too late. He died
five months before that, on January 7th 1943.
(Read this in latest book of
Margaret Cheney – Nikola Tesla Master of
Tesla new that Marconi’s achievement was
predicated on the use of his coil,
oscillators, and general design which he had
spelled out in lectures years

Dr Simo Jelaca, Windsor

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