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>>kondukt 01 zrch on eusocial +?
>I found a many entries.  Here is one I particularly liked which included "accumu
>lation of individual decisions", "coordinated group action" and "decentralized s
>>I am interested in studying the Behavioral Ecology of Eusocial Insects.  In oth
>er words, I want to understand how group living insects (specifically honeybees)
>>behave.  In particular, I am interested in understanding how the accumulation o
>f individual decisions leads to coordinated group action and how insects make th
>>individual decisions.  As you may know, the hive is a decentralized society, an
>d therefore, there isn't a leader who coordinates the hive's activities.  The si
>>accumulation of individual honeybee's decisions leads to what can be perceived 
>as coordinated group action.  I am interested in studying how this occurs, and h
>>bees make their individual decisions. 
>        (wowed) 

YES PL EASE!!!! - d!sz uat ue uant. et paz nato.0+55 4 modl z!t!zn zerf dum!ez.


alex - >kondukt 01 zrch on eusocial +?    
alex rezpondz - ! dont l!ke d!sz. ! uant 2 g!v l!f. 
dav!d z!karel! - ! juzt uant 2 feed m! fam!l!. LICENSE PLEASE!!!!!!

jeremy bernstein - ! juzt kant hav m! ua!. u dont aprez!at m!. 2 treat m! tzo badl!. !.l s h o u - u.

nn - !znt lf+ juzt full ov lv+ +?


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uat do u uant 2 do u!th dzm +?
! uant 2 teach 2 read.


juzt 1 kl!k ur kl!k

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