brian carroll on 10 Jan 2001 06:35:11 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Re: Disassociate Webdesign from Usability

 Craig, i appreciate your clarifying several points of CSS. this one
 still has me thinking:

> What this "expert movement" does allow for is better encoding of data
> that will be used by both people and machines.  This enables a whole
> new set of document navigation, searching, and linking technologies by
> making the structure of the document easier for machines to discern.
> It also enables a whole new set of options for accesability and
> presentation devices.  The same document can have multiple CSS
> stylesheets...

 while having HTML skills, and CSS seems easy enough, the aspects
 of more complex CGI scripts and advanced functionality seem to me
 like they will become either easier or harder to implement. will
 there ever be a day when someone, novice-intermediate, will be able
 to get a web database system up and running without programming
 skill?. i ask because a simple browser detector to serve multiple
 CSS pages, is, for a small site more than just HTML/CSS and a GUI
 authoring program. the idea of 'classes' of websites comes to mind,
 such as classes of drivers licenses. will there always be a full
 spectrum of sites. will they all raise in complexity. or will the
 low end go under at some point. and its content. i'm wondering...

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