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[Nettime-bold] Re: SFMOMA and Intel

on 1/10/01 07:25 PM, at wrote:

> I tried to start a discussion of 010101 on Rhizome, David Ross insulted me,

We have always wished Mr. Ross would insult us.  He's sooo excitable.  We
also figure nettime's a little heady for him, and we're not overly fond of
Rhizome.  Oh well.

> Didn't Intel
>> sponsor that processor gobbling monstrosity known as 010101.
> Yes; they also are collaborating with IBM on how to make disk drives that
> cannot copy prohibited files.

Cool!!!! Then our Photoshop files can really be treated like paintings.
Oooh how grand to have unique objects in cyber space.  We take back
everything we ever said about digital imagery.  Thank goodness we're filthy
stinkin' rich.

>> But before this thread fades into oblivion let's be sure to thank geert for
>> starting the whole discussion.  Otherwise, what impetus would we have to
>> express ourselves ?  We are very lazy after all.
> I think the discussion is just getting concrete and meaningful.  Why kiss it
> goodbye with gestures of collegial good will?  I'm not lazy.  But this post
> won't get past Byfield I bet.

Collegial good will?  We apologize if our sarcasm and condescension were
somehow interpreted as sincerity.  We'll have to optimistically suggest that
that's the beauty of text conversation.

And let's not be too hard on Mr. Byfield.  He was the best dressed speaker
at the last Intel sponsored symposium we went to....and not very ignorant
either, we're afraid.

"subverting the visual in art"

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