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[Nettime-bold] Press Release - S11 Melbourne and S26 Prague

                            For Immediate RELEASE

 S11 Melbourne and S26 Prague
 International Actions against the IMF and WEF Video and Panel Discussion

 Thursday, January 11th
 2050 Bryant Street bt. 18th & 19th Streets
 Mission District, San Francisco
 9pm $8-15 sliding scale

 Tonight's evening of documentaries from recent actions
 documents the sensational S11 blockade!!! which  disrupted the WEF 
 Asian Pacific Summit and made extensive national news in Australia... 
 This piece first screened on Ch. 31
   Access News and the Trades Hall on September 18th in Melbourne. It 
 was also screened at 'electrofringe 2000' in Newcastle.

 >From September 11 -13th, the WEF held its Asia Pacific Economic 
 >Summit at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. The S11 protests 
 >vowed to shutdown the Summit to oppose the injustices of corporate 
 >driven and defined globalisation.

 MELBOURNE RISING is one video which attempts to document some of the 
 actions and activities that occurred during S11. It is by no means a 
 complete  record of what happened during S11. Made by independent 
 media makers who contributed the footage found in this video. 
 Produced  by SKA TV/ Access News September 2000.

 PLUS recent video from Prague S26 action...

 REBEL COLORS Prague 2000

 Produced by the Prague Indymedia collective (IMC-Praha, at 88 minutes (current
 working draft)

 This is a special "preview" look at the documentary about the
 protests on the 26th of Septemeber in Prague, Czech Republic (aka 
 S26) against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World 
 Bank. Documents the growing movement against corporate globalization 
 and international capitalism. 20-30,000 people from around the world 
 gathered for a week of direct actions,demonstrations and fun  to 
 protest these unaccountable, un-democratic governing institutions, 
 culminating in the international day of action - S26. Includes 
 interviews with activists and plenty of colorful and often
 hard-hitting action footage on the streets of Prague.

 The Prague Indymedia collective included AK Kraak 
 (, Candida Films (, 
 Undercurrents ( and several Independent 
 Media Centers including Prague, Belgium, England, Seattle and DC
 ( This work in progress was edited
 Prague, Amsterdam, Rome and currently in a secret lab in the United States...

 Panelists and speakers address some of the issues in international 
 organizing, police response, media coverage, etc.

 David Cox and Molly Hankwitz(Melbourne) & Jonathan Youtt (Prague) and more.

 All are welcome!


 Whispered Media
 P.O. Box 40130
 San Francisco, CA 94140 USA
 (415) 789-8484
 Video Activist Network

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