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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Cycling74 - digital murderers - KAPITULATE LIARS!!!!!!

From: Cycling74 victim nr alef 1 - KAPITULATE LIARS []

I was removed also.  I have not had a max digest in over 1 month. 
hmm it would seem the benadryl phase took hold deeply with the c74 
crowd.  i was added by association.  only way i can see that is my 
conversation with j. eichenseer regading appreciating 'nn' 
activities.  have no idea but still enjoy using max every single day 
of my life.  i guess i dont qualify.
no forward please.

>hallo +
>have been forwarded the post [information] below
>[thank you - else would have never known of course]
>the Cycling74 activities taking place are very much scripted [badly]
>and have been in planning for many months - as already indicated
>previously [refusal to provide dev. information etc]
>nn response located hier if interested.
>should anyone feel desirous of risking one's digital bits
>may forward the _url to the max-list. technically one should
>_not beget a yellow star for that but _____...

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