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[Nettime-bold] [collective jukebox 3.0] Marseille 20 jan 2001

:::::::::: c o l l e c t i v e  j u k e b o x  3.0:::::::::::::
:::::::::: i n f o :
:::::::::: j u s t  p l a y  i t !
:::::::::: j u s t  l i s t e n  t o  i t !

::::::::::: o p e n i n g :::::::::::::

Version 3.0. Collective JukeBox / Marseille 20 janv - 31 mar 2001
1, Place Francis Chirat, 13002 Marseille
w/ LMX etape 2
LMX step 2 is a project presented by Claire Dehove and Laurent Malone with:
LMX etape 2 est un dispositif presente par Claire Dehove et Laurent Malone
Acces Local, Dennis Adams, Ruedi Baur, Emmanuelle Bentz, Kate Blacker,
Andrea Blum, Collective JukeBox, Cooked in Marseilles, Nancy Crater, Dig
Ding Dong, Groupe Dunes, Bruno Guiganti, Patrice Hamel, IDSland/Olivier
Peyricot, Veronique Joumard, Jean-Marie Krauth, Nadia Lauro, Guy Lelong,
Erik M., Philippe Mairesse, Antoni Muntadas, Soussan LTD...

::::::::::: p r e s e n t a t i o n :::::::::::::

Within the framework of the "LMX" exhibition organized by Laurent Malone
and Claire Dehove with the FRAC PACA in Marseille, Collective JukeBox
continues its hectic evolution with this new version 3.0. In Marseille,
Collective JukeBox 3.0 will be presented on a "real" jukebox machine and
into a user-friendly room jointly with other rooms where other artists will
present their works . During three months a lot of interventions by artists
and critics from different artistic domains will be presented as lectures,
debates, videos, and so on. LMX will be a place of discussion, of
consultation and of debates. The general context will offer a place and a
moment of conviviality.

Dans le cadre de l'exposition LMX organisee par Laurent Malone et Claire
Dehove au FRAC PACA a Marseille, le Collective JukeBox continue son
evolution trepidante dans sa nouvelle version 3.0 . A Marseille, Collective
JukeBox 3.0 sera presente sur un "vrai" jukebox dans une salle conviviale
conjointe a d'autres espaces ou d'autres artistes presenteront leurs
travaux. Durant 3 mois un programme d'interventions par des artistes et des
critiques issus de differents domaines artistiques est mis en place:
conferences, debats, projections video, etc. LMX sera un lieu de
discussion, de consultation et de debat. Le contexte general offrira un
lieu et un moment de convivialite.

The list of the participants and their works is accessible on the website.
La liste des artistes et des travaux diffuses est disponible sur le site web.

407 artists and 1027 sound and musical pieces
407 participants 1027 pieces sonores et musicales

::::::::::: p r o j e (c) t s :::::::::::::

 2001: presentations of the Collective JukeBox in Tours (France) in april,
in Nantes (France) in may (not confirmed), in Paris (France) in may and
june (not confirmed), and after in Porto (Portugal) and in Genoa (Italy)
(not confirmed) and other propositions in progress.

2001: opening of the new space . A new project
with a new jukebox on-line with new works specially for the internet
interface. News soon ! This electronic place will certainly function with
the new free open sound standard .ogg which seems to be better than the mp3
standard. We will appeal to all the artists of the project for new
contributions and new works specially for the internet media.

2001: the Collective JukeBox project will open a Cooperation General
Charter or a Cooperation General License for encouraging and helping the
development of the whole project. This will appear in February. This
Charter or License will describe the different aspects of participation,
presentation, and distribution induced by the project.

2001: we're preparing some different propositions of editions: different
series of Collective JukeBox T-shirts, a printed book with the
participation of all artists of the project about the engagement of such a
cooperative project, a series of printed posters, and so on. We're thinking
too about a foolish but great idea: to organize a meeting with all the
artists who take part in the Collective JukeBox. This meeting could a kind
of one-week event with live events, lectures, debates, communications and
so on...

2001: in parallel of the version on the Cd-player jukebox machine, we'll
develop new presentations of the project with new audio player systems. Our
perspective today is to use jukebox player with hard-disks and computer
controlled, with tactile screen interface, and with network accesses for
the artists. This will permit to resolve the increasing needs of digital
memory (actually more than 60 CDs are included into the jukebox machine and
the capacity is about 100 audio Cds max.), and the hard work to digitilize
all the works in the same standard. This will permit too to encourage the
presentation of the project because we see today a lot of propositions for
presenting the Collective JukeBox and we think that this will increase next
months. We're preparing an industrial partner for using freely an existing
device or for developing a kind of prototype specially for the project.


jerome joy

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