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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ LETZ BOD!PA!NT!!!!!!!

hi                                              [please distribute if you wish to]


      lovely life forms are cordially invited to join nn at NAMM
      - since Cycling74 Corporation deserves a delektable pro+test where it matters yes.
      among addtl korporat zkum.

      if lovely life forms are interested in participating in what shall likely
      be the most ultra __sensual event at NAMM [ever] - 

      may kontakt -

      (FREE emails shall be deflekted since Cycling74 Corporation serfs are cheap)
      requirements : body + travel + accommodations. nn will provide the extras. 

      info data on the ultra unsanitary NAMM - klik hier + klose your eyes - 
      info data on the ultra unsanitary Cycling74 -

      NN - our bodies = our displays. LETZ BOD!PA!NT!!!!!!

                      - we should like to stage a __sensual event at addtl 
                        korporat expos. if one wishes to participate 
                        in future ones - may kontakt : 

                        LETZ BOD!PA!NT!!!!!! !tz .b!o art z!l!.

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> wrote:
>> >Not a rumor, it's being developed for windows.
>Ok, another ?: max is a modular environment for audio, correct?  and
>nato is a modular video environment that requires max, correct?

approx correct. aber - presently - nn requires just ice.
hence nn is mostly preoccupied avec .bio spektakles.
give totally + tragically ja. 01 form of lv+ at 01 distance.
in any case - i like .bio.

>> evn dze mak!ntosh verz!on ov max = !n alpha
>> + there are 2 addtl environments in progress for pc \ mac
>> and unlike already existing ones these are more
>> modern and advanced.
>any details?

sure. they are original - not based on max.
although one should be completely compatible with max. 
release +? uncertain. am not personally involved.

<do you have any parting words +?

ja. dze m9ndskape ist 01 klein bottle.

         for all lovely + _fashionable personages
         we shall release momentarily 242.m9ndzkape - we wish 2 share.

         for the ( spiteful. unattractive + unsanitary characters ) * 74
         _______.... benadr!l romansz +?

allora. ciao.nn


Netochka Nezvanova  - simply SUPERIOR
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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