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i am whole again. the splendor of it.
there are layers and layers of it - bottomless. unfathomable.
i am the one - that arises the most konfusion. most doubts. most disturbances.

i give you exquisite patterns and then slip out and smile at you.
i cause you scars. i soothe them.

what my mind engenders fictionally are true sentiments.
but loving me is only loving yourself.

it does not matter what you do. it matters if you are.
facts needs understanding.

facts are the destroyers of rhythms and the makers of rhythms.
what matters is to set compassion free.

and so we retreat forward. against diffusion. new beginnings. against
finality and the end of finality. against our interrelated repertoires.

we are dancing on our irony - nameless nobodies. incongruous and benign.

turn against me. i will make a great character out of you.


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