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[Nettime-bold] COUP 2K Part 4 (Endnotes)


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Parry confirmed with Russian government sources that the report was the 
product of original intelligence, not simply a summary of press accounts.
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article, although original sources are cited in the interest of reader 
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29. FEC data accessed via www.fec.gov. FEC info about the most recent 
donations was accessed via www.opensecrets.org, which is operated by the 
Center for Responsive Politics.  Mr. Langone also sits on the board of Home 
Depot Inc., which as a company gave over $320,012 to the Bush campaign.
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42. By coincidence, this happens to be the anniversary of the assassination 
of President Kennedy in 1963.
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60. Staff Report, "Covert Action in Chile 1963-1973", op. cit.
61. Operation CHAOS was a massive domestic surveillance and 
counterintelligence program started by the CIA in 1967 in response to 
exposés published in Ramparts magazine.  Peace groups, civil rights 
activists, journalists and other "threats" were targeted.  Later it became a 
joint operation with the FBI.  In the days before PCs, a mainframe computer 
code-named HYDRA was devoted to processing the data.  By the time it was 
finally shut down in the mid-‘70s, CHAOS had collected personality files on 
13,000 people, general files on 7,000 more Americans, and subject files on 
1,000 domestic organizations.  Despite being entirely illegal, it was one of 
the largest domestic surveillance operations in US history. See Morton H. 
Halperin, et al, The Lawless State (NY: Penguin Books, 1976), chapter 5; 
Frank J. Donner, Age of Surveillance (NY: Vintage Books, 1981 ed.), pp. 
268-275; and US Senate, Final Report of the Select Committeee To Study 
Governmental Operations with respect to Intelligence Activities, Book III, 
Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports…, (Washington, DC: US GPO, 1976), pp. 
62. William F. Pepper, Orders to Kill: The Truth Behind the Murder of Martin 
Luther King, Jr. (NY: Warner Books, 1998 ed.), pp. 4-10.  Pepper was a close 
friend of Dr. King’s, and a direct participant in the formation of the NCNP 
and the doomed King-Spock presidential bid. Curiously, one of the people who 
had urged King to run was Yale chaplain William Sloane Coffin, an anti-war 
activist who was a covert CIA operative during the 1950s.  See Peter Grose, 
Operation Rollback (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2000).
63. Confidential Memorandum to John Mitchell and HR Haldeman, April 10, 
1972, reproduced in full at ParaScope.com.  See also: George Lardner, 
"Buchanan Outlined Plan to Harass Democrats in ’72, Memo Shows," Wash. Post 
3/4/1996, p. A7.
64. Howard Fineman, "Disorder in the Courts," Newsweek 12/18/2000.
65. Ultimately the Supreme Court overruled him, but the end result was Nixon 
kept custody of the tapes until his death – erasing who knows what else.
66. See Jonathan Vankin, Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Crimes (NY: Dell 
Publishing, 1992), pp. 22-38. For their own exhaustive account, see James M. 
Collier & Kenneth F. Collier, Votescam: The Stealing of America (NY: 
Victoria House Press, 1992).
67. Collier & Collier, Votescam, p. 259-60
68. It must be noted that whatever the merits of the Colliers’ Votescam 
theories (and there are some), the fact remains that they are the very 
epitome of "conspiracy nuts."  Further hampering their credibility is the 
fact that they have penned a large number of Votescam stories for The 
Spotlight, the notoriously crypto-wacko newspaper of the "populist" Liberty 
69. Assoc. Press, "Ex-White House Counsel Suggests Justice Scalia Recuse 
Himself," St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/11/2000.
70. US Code 28: Judiciary and Judicial Procedure, Section 455: 
Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate.
71. "Ex-White House Counsel Suggests…," St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/11/2000.
72. Christopher Marquis, "Challenging a Justice," NY Times 12/12/2000.
73. "The Heritage Foundation’s Board of Trustees," 
74. The Propaganda Due (P2) Lodge was an Italian Masonic Lodge comprised of 
fascists, spies, judges, and other powerful right-wing figures.  P2, which 
enjoyed close ties to the CIA, was involved in a major financial scandal 
with the Vatican Bank and sought to stage a fascist coup.  Some say it was 
partly responsible for the assassination of Pope John Paul I.  See:  Penny 
Lernoux, In Banks We Trust (Garden City, NY: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1984); 
David Yallop, In God’s Name (NY: Bantam Books, 1984); and George Russell, "A 
Grand Master’s Conspiracy," Time, 6/8/1984.
75. Marquis, NY Times 12/12/2000.
76. See www.heritage.org/features/secretaries-designate/
77. Marquis, NY Times, 12/12/2000
78. Adam Cohen, "Can the Court Recover?," Time.com 12/17/2000.
79. "Sunshine Law was election's biggest winner," Miami Herald 12/17/2000.
80. "20 states are missing at first Electoral College roll call," St. 
Petersburg Times 12/14/2000.
81. "Congressional Black Caucus walks out as Congress counts electoral 
votes," CNN.com 1/6/2001.
82. "Congress confirms Bush electoral victory," CNN.com 1/2/2001.
83. Hunter S. Thompson, "Prepare for the Weirdness," ESPN.com 11/20/2000. 

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