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[Nettime-bold] In Memoriam Laur Tiidemann

In Memoriam Laur Tiidemann

Estonian student and multimedia artist Laur Tiidemann burned himself in
front of Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn on 11th of  January 2001.

Laur Tiidemann studied sculpture and graduated in 1999 with online project
PERFECT FORMS IN MOTION http://home.delfi.ee/noobik/perfect/index.htm.
After that he was MA student in fine arts at the same school. Since
September 2000 he was MA student in interactive multimedia at E-Media

His works:
He made his project "Alphabet" in Flash:
http://home.delfi.ee/noobik/aabits/index.htm. It is a short commentary to
estonian alphabet with tautological scream-like pronounication of same

In October he sent his work "Hand" online to Viper festival in Basel.
There took place net-competion of quicktime videos

Laur Tiidemann also designed the webpage of Mediaswamp
http://way.to/mediaswamp; http://www.nongrata.ee/mediaswamp/ and he was
the main editor of Nongrata's website http://www.nongrata.ee/ (Academia
Non Grata in Pärnu).

His last project was presented at offline@online media art festival in
Pärnu in November 2000. Touch-screen work "Piano" was made for multimedia
kiosk (online: http://home.delfi.ee/noobik/piano/index.htm). You touched
eye-buttons like pianokeyes creating sound. He also participated in
festival Media Non Grata in 1999.

Tiidemann was a real computer freak and used to sit for hours behind the
screen. He was a cameraman and editor of most Nongrata performance-videos.
He worked as a computer educator at Academia Non Grata in Pärnu.

On the day of his death he participated in annual festival of burning

The reasons of Laur Tiidemann´s tragical lost are not clarified yet.

He was buried today.
After 1994 years data suicide rate is 40 per 100 000 inhabitants in
Estonia and it is the highest in Europe after Latvia and Lithuania (WHO
1994, quoting book: Airi Värnik. Suicide in Estonia. Tallinn, 1997.)
Laur Tiidemann´s homepage: http://home.delfi.ee/noobik/
His sculptures and about him:

Raivo Kelomees

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