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[Nettime-bold] GOATHU & I-CANDY @ Enigma

GOATHU @ Enigma
10pm Thursdays
Not for a very long time has there been a really good alternative dance
floor in Adelaide on a Thursday night - GOATHU is about to change that.
Profiling a genre that is often overlooked in clubs, we are aiming to
breathe new life into the GOA / TRANCE scene. Although the sounds have
changed over the past 7 years, it's time to remember the tracks that
excited your mind so long ago, and catch up on the tracks that are set to
do it again. With a relaxed atmosphere, top notch sound and lighting, pool
tables, chill area, and free internet downstairs, there is no reason to
stay home on a thursday night anymore.

I-CANDY @ Enigma
Sunday 18th Feb (after Womadelaide)
It's been a while, but momentum is growing for the next I-CANDY.  I-CANDY
profiles emerging and established electronic sound artists (primarily from
Adelaide), eight artists perform each time and the rules are strictly LIVE
PERFORMANCE only. Artists are still to be confirmed - more info soon.

			   173 Hindley Street Adelaide

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