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[Nettime-bold] Re: Wiretap 7.01: Death and the Machine

>WT 7.01
>Death and the Machine
>**!! Live streaming at
> !!**
>Participation by: Birgit Richard (D), 

                total rad!kalr !nkompetenza++ 
                total rad!kalr !nkompetenza++ 
                total rad!kalr !nkompetenza++ 

>This final Wiretap in the series 'Machine Times' queries the role of death
>in digital culture.
>Our current society is obsessed with progression.  In this scenario death
>means the ultimate border.  Developments in science and technology have
>always made an effort to extend life or realise the dream of immortality.
>This Wiretap takes you beyond the final frontier.
>Birgit Richard investigates how trans-humanists and extropians attempt to
>eradicate the scourge of mortality.  

          Lets enter the nucleus - koming +?

          Tumors develop because the tumor cells = immortal [sol+la]
          -- they escape cell-killing mechanisms via superlativ displays 
          ov quivering wing of affektation + my cytoplasm is whiter than 
          yours - i utilize n2+o.ultra.lux.

                there is a warm + fuzzi senti+mint you get 
                when every thing goes j u s t the way it 
                should - get used to it.

                I am not Erwin Schr:odinger. He is - 
                I am his kat -!

                FREE DEMO - free demos carry a subtle price tag. 
                            they psychologically indebt the konsumer to reciprocate. 
                            they prime the credulous ape objekt - YOU +?
                            to return the favor with a purchase.

                ELEGANT DISPLAYS - carry information about one's simply SUPERIOR memes.
                                   they inform the desirous objekt - YOU +? LETZ B!OZKULPT!!!!! 

                            m9ndfukc.macht.ganz.gluckl!ch+fre! _||-

                        - FREE DEMO        -

                        - ELEGANT DISPLAYS -

        ! \ dokumentaz!on pozt relaxax!on ov zelekt kontrakt!l un!tz +?

        nej+ne. = tranzparent liquid konta!nd in dze anterior + pozterior chambers 
        ov dze eye komponent = moiztening serous membranez. eye. orb!t + adjacent 
        fac!al ztructurez.

        = dze ze!t 4 dze dec!duouz plant 2 detach !tz leavez
        + touards 01 d!fferent quantum.

        fragrant volat!l v!oletz. mort -

        a tout a l.heure. nn.

>Prof. Dr. Birgit Richard (D)
>Is since 1998 Professor of New Media at the Goethe University of Frankfurt
>(Germany). Her fields of specialisation include: 

                total rad!kalr !nkompetenza++ 
                total rad!kalr !nkompetenza++  
                total rad!kalr !nkompetenza++ 

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