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[Nettime-bold] Net Work 21:_ _][sensefucking][

At 11:00 AM 17/01/01 -0500, ds wrote:
> Maybe I'm not a big net.artist like you, to scared to even print your own
>name, but at least I can make fucking sense.

Net Work 21(alternative title = sensefucking)

>][ . put rig][htous][id concepts here . ][
>===a suit][n.][cased mind.set][match point][
>========][con][founding schemic arcs, con][n.][se][e][p][age][t
>========dribbling high-horsian dis.charge][d N dangerous][

Put your rightous rigid identity concepts here, please. Those of the
suit-encased mind set (match point type)/confounding schemic arc concept
seep across the page, dribbling high-horsian discharges, both charged and

>19 gorgeous sillicon wanderings 
>19 trac][ts of][k po.s][pam][tlinguistic silken streams
>19 mixed brow patternings 
>golden con.fus][e][ion][.

Instead, construct items like the following:
1. Nineteen gorgeous silicon wanderings (read: fictionalise possible avatar
2. Nineteen tracking tracts of post-linguistic silken spam streams
3. Nineteen mixed brow patterings and golden fused confusions


.           .    ....         .....
.... .                  .???  .......

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