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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> DNA -> text -> DNA -> dze essential condition of life = infekz!on | fluorobot 25 kontra gender normality

>source" or "gift economy", 

>Possible words:
>open architecture
>content economy
>superlevel do-ci-do
>stratified editability
>user engineered entertainment


>[this word list needs help]


>Some examples of some "open source" 

open source - 

beside concealment of ovulation in women what is new in 
human sex is the general need for privacy. 


Morphogenesis is the process through which tissues and organs differentiate.
Software development is not a product-producing activity. It is a knowledge
acquiring activity. Software is not a product, but rather a medium for the 
storage of memes. It is the fifth medium for storage of knowledge.
the others being, in historical order: DNA, brains, hardware, and books. 
Software is the selected storage medium for memes because memes in software 
are active. They escape the confinement and volatility of knowledge in brains; 
they avoid the passivity of knowledge in books; they have the flexibility 
and rapidity of change missing from knowledge in DNA or hardware.

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