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[Nettime-bold] Re: [awpd] Re: <nettime> Vint Cerf wants to remind you that ICANN is still not a world government

Jay Fenello wrote:

> Stefan Krempl wrote:
> >
> >here are some quotes from a talk I've had with the new-elected ICANN
> >chairman right after ICANN's annual meeting in Marina del Rey last > >month.


> >Well, at the moment the GAC has no role in the selection of the board
> >members. That might conceivable change. I could easily understand a
> >government saying: we have responsibility for a top-level domain and the
> >decisions made by ICANN could have an effect on our top-level domain, an
> >important countrywide infrastructure. And so they want some representation.
> >So I can imagine the GAC becoming more like a support organization.

Compare the above statement by Vint Cerf with the following from a
letter of Richard Alston, Minister for Communications,
Information Technology and the Arts, Commonwealth of Australia, to
Dot Cx, the registry for the .cx TLD, Christmas Island:

"The document "Principles for the Delegation and Administration of
Country Code Top Level Domains" (the GAC ccTLD Principles Document),
which was drafted and endorsed by ICANN's Governmental Advisory
Committee (GAC), forms the policy basis for the relationship between
the Commonwealth and Dot CX."

Here is proof positive that ICANN is the government of the Internet,
and that the GAC is its international regulatory agency making
world-wide Internet law.

Vint Cerf is a liar.

Michael Sondow

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