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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ An open letter to Netochka Nezvanova

lets give l i f e.
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>>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 05:59:11 -0400
>>From: Randy Stack <>
>>Subject: [max-msp] re: An open letter to Netochka Nezvanova

In all fairness...

Hope I'm not breaching the exclusionary protocol, but I just wanted to put my $
>0.02 in also.  I've been a Silicon Graphics developer for about 10 years now and
>, prior to that, I did most of my work on a PC with a Sky, Alacron or Ariel vect
>or processing board for matrix-intesive work.  For sound, I've been a long-time 
>user of the Symbolic Sound Kyma DSP workstation.  My sole experience with the Ma
>c was using an old SE back in '85 as an editor/librarian for the Kurzweil K250.

All of that changed within the past month.  I acquired a PowerMac dual-G4 to us
>e as a development platform for a new audiovisual spectral analysis and resynthe
>sis system I'm working on.  In my brief time in working with the G4 - with MAX/M
>SP, IDL and, yes, nato.0+55+3d modular - I've become a "total convert" to Apple 
>(which is a tough transition for an SGI person).  Apart from having to get some 
>custom interfaces developed to support my hyperspectral imaging cameras on the M
>ac, it's been a pleasure.

So why the "change of heart"?

The reason is simple...

...nn (aka Netochka Nezvanova).

She had apparently been following my tale of woe in not being able to overcome 
processor limitations - save for SGI's not-very-cost-effective multiprocessor Or
igin line (thus imposing a significant limitation on my end-user base) - in 
performing frame-rate 2dFFTs.  She dropped me an e-mail with some info and links, I 
did some follow-up research, and then purchased my PowerMac, MAX/MSP, IDL and
nn's nato.0+55+3d modular.  Throughout my "transition period", nn was friendly and

The reason I'm writing this is Shamus McConney's comment that nn made her money
based upon the MAX user base.  While that may be true to some degree, the only 
reason I currently own a Mac and MAX/MSP is because of nn and nato.0+55+3d.  If 
not for her assistance and recommendations, I wouldn't be here.

Certainly, I am thankful for David Zicarelli's and Miller Puckett's work with MAX/MSP 
- just as I am thankful to Motorola and Apple for their hardware (and they themselves 
will probably be thankful when I get the other dozen-or-so system to place at my 
alpha test sites) - but the sole person I have to thank for opening up this "new world" 
to me is Netochka Nezvanova.

Randy Stack

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