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Subject: events in Bristol UK


Two nights exploring surveillance and counter-surveillance.

Saturday February 24th 2 o'clock St.James Barton Subway (the Bearpit)

"Lets flood the cctv operators with incident and spotaneously constructed
street occurences".
'Broadmead CCTV games event'
A non-rules games tournament with umlimited play possiblities.
Ideas so far:
Throw wet sponges at the cameras. Public protection cardboard barriers.
Make the security gaurd appear the fastest heats. Shoot Back with lots
of cameras. Documentation of cameras and charting of 'camera free'
areas of Bristol; stencil (sticker?) campaign to notify areas of
zero camera coverage. The same for the opposite.
Fake incidences. Approaches to Broadmead control to recover footage.

Saturday 9:00 'Spies, Cops & Gaurds; Control & Surveillance In Society.
(80 min ends 10:20)

A Rare programme of 16mm films covering all angles of state mentality for
control and order. From 'Red Nightmre' which looks into the american
paranoia of RED mind invasion to 'Mob And Riot Control', a californian
police instruction film on handling crowds and mobs of teenages.
In the bar afterwards will be a presentation of  from a member of the irational
collective and a talk about the days 'CCTV games' in Broadmead and showing
of any documentation made.

Sunday 8:00 Counter Attacks and inversions
Video tapes from BIT (bureau of inverse technology);bit plane, an
autonomous remote excursion into air space over silicon valley and
suicide box, video acts of suicide leaps from the golden gate bridge.
We'll also be showing video footage of the New York based
'Surveillance Camera Players' who perform various plays in front of cctv
networks in acts of social defiance.
Results from a shout out for cctv material will be screened.

for thorough coverage of the issues

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