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>> Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 00:22:31 -0800
>> From: Joshua Kit Clayton <>
>> Subject: [max-msp] bouncing
>> Hello all,

hello all []

>> I've tried to contact everybody individually, but I thought I'd send a
>> reminder to everyone on the list. Currently the max-msp list is only
>> accepting messages sent from subscribed email addresses. 

further evidence Cycling74 planned their very lovely + so so PERFEKT maneuvers.

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        Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 10:29:42 -0800
        From: Joshua Kit Clayton <>
        Subject: [max-msp] List Preferences

        As some of you may have noticed, 


        yesterday we got one one of our first
        non-member spam messages(an advertisement from


        In order to avoid more messages like this, we have changed the max-msp
        mailing list preferences to reject posts which are not sent from the web
        version or from email accounts subscribed to the email version of the list.


        Sorry if this is a hassle.

        - -Joshua


             precisely what Christopher Murtagh + addtl did.
             since Christopher Murtagh + d.zicarelli = very very ultra friendly
             we aren't surprised. 

>> If you are
>> sending mail which never shows up, chances are 

        242.lauzuit.benadryl++ +?

>> that you are sending from
>> one email address while subscribed with another. To find out how to
>> subscribe/unsubscribe and other useful information, please send a
>> message to with the body "help".
>> - -Joshua

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