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14. Stuttgart Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media 

                      January 18-21, 2001 

                      Internet / CD-Rom / Installation / Performance / Video /

                         Please feel free to visit our web site and take part in
the online 


                      During the festival each there's a different panel about
media culture: 

                      XML-Expanded Media Lounge @ 14th Stuttgart Filmwinter 

                         The conference about the cultural social, and economical
development of new 

                      | Thursday, January 18 

                         Filmhaus Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                      XML - NetScreen 

                         NetScreen deals with developments and possibilities of
Online Film, Web TV, 
                         and Streaming Media in the artistic and commercial

                         In cooperation with the European Coordination of
Filmfestivals, MFG 
                         Filmförderung, and Landesanstalt für Kommunikation

                         11:00   Karin Mohr, Landesanstalt für Kommunikation
                         "Legal aspects of Online film and Web TV - TV in legally
free domains?" 

                        12:00   Net Art Guide des E-Business 
                                Innovationszentrum der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft -
präsentiert von Stefan 
                        Net Art Guide of the e-business innovation centre of the
                        Gesellschaft - presented by Stefan Federspiel 

                         14:00   EDMN - European Digital Media Network 
                         Pilot project of a European media channel - presented by
Alfred Rotert 
                         (European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück) 

                        15:00   Patrick Boltz, Vicky Tiegelkamp, 
                                Playframe, Berlin 
                                New entertainment and magazin formats in the wide
band internet 

                        16:00   Aaron Koenig, Bitfilm, Hamburg 
                                Short Attention Spam 
                                Ästhetik und Produktionsbedingungen von
                                Esthetics and production conditions of Online

                        18:00   NetScreen-Roundtable 
                                Onlinefilm and festivals 
                                Conny Voester, Viper, Basel 
                                International Festival of New Film, Split 
                                Tom van Vliet, World Wide Video Festival,
                                Alfred Rotert, EMAF, Osnabrück 

                      19:00      Opening of the festival 

                      22:00   XML-Party - Les Gammas (Augsburg) & visuals by
annahd (Stuttgart) 

                      Freitag, 19. Januar | Friday, January 19 

                      XML - Invention> Intervention 

                         Invention>Intervention explores the interaction between
culture and 
                         e-business. It presents artistic strategies dealing with
e-commerce as well 
                         as multi media agencies trying to combine culture and

                         In cooperation with Heinrich Böll Foundation
Baden-Württemberg, MFG media 
                         development, and De:Bug. 

                         Filmhaus, Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                        11:00   Mac Müller, Im Stall, Berlin 
                                Buzzword Bullshit Bingo 2001 
                                Definitionen und Prinzipien des e-Commerce 
                                Definitions and principles of e-Commerce 

                        14:00      0100101110101101.0rg, Net activists, Bologna 
                                Internet piracy and copyright 

                         15:00   Verena Kuni, Mainz 
                         Panem @ circenses - artistic agency in a capital arena of

                        16:00   Eric Kluitenberg, Amsterdam 
                                Mythologies of the New Economy 

                        17:00   Manuel Funk, David Lindermann, Fork, Hamburg,
                                Künstlerischer Anspruch im e-Business 
                                Artistic demands in e-Business 

                        18:00   Protoplast AG, Basel 
                                Imaginary products 

                        19:00   Invention> Intervention-Roundtable 
                                Moderation: Mercedes Bunz (De:Bug) 
                                Eric Kluitenberg (media theorist) 
                                David Linderman (CEO Fork) 
                                Philippe Cuny (Protoplast AG) 
                                Gerd Schwandner (Professor for International
Management and Marketing at

                        the Karlsruhe technical college) 
                                Christian Schwarm (CEO AGI) 

                      22:00   XML-Party: Klangkrieg/Panacea, Berlin & VJ Safy,

                      Samstag, 20. Januar | Saturday, Januar 20 

                      XML - Pretty Ugly Privacy 

                        Surveillance in an entertainment society. Voluntary and
                        surveillance via video and data mining are present
everywhere. Pretty Ugly 
                        Privacy creates the relations of image production,
internet and the social 
                        framework conditions and asks about the end of privacy. 

                      In cooperation with the House of Documentary Film and LIFT

                         Filmhaus, Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                        14:00   Jochen Becker, Berlin 
                                Because we agree - Leisure time amusement in a
society of observation 

                        15:00   Winfried Pauleit, Berlin 
                                Video surveillance and postmodern subjects 

                        16:00   padeluun, Bielefeld 
                                You are nothing - the state is all? 

                        17:00   Scanner, London 
                                Listening to the Spaces 

                         18:00   Podiumsdiskussion / Panel discussion 
                         Videoüberwachung in Stuttgart   / Video surveillance in

                        Moderation: Arne Braun (Lift Stuttgart) 
                        Jürgen Beck, City mayor for environment, security, and
                        Franz Körner, Deputy agent for the protection of the
privacy of personal 
                        data of the State Baden-Württemberg 
                        Thomas Oelmayer, Legal expert of the Green party in the
state parliament 
                        Padeluun, Artist and media activist, Martin Schairer,
chief constable of 

                         22:00   XML-Party: Scanner, London - sponsored by
m.a.r.k. 13 
                         Visuals by m.a.r.k. 13 & THE3DE-VJ-Team, Stuttgart 

                      Pretty Ugly Privacy - Das Filmprogramm / The film programme 

                         Donnerstag, 18. Januar | Thursday, January 18 
                         Filmhaus Saal 2 / Filmhaus hall 2 
                         18:00   Harun Farocki: Pictures of Prisons 

                         | Friday, January 19 
                         Filmhaus hall 2 
                         Short film programme Surveillance 

                         | Saturday, January 20 
                         Filmhaus hall 1 
                         11:00   Didi Danquart: Der Pannwitzblick 

                      | Sunday, January 21 

                      XML - VR-Art 

                        VR-Art presents the latest tendency in 3D Multiuser
Virtual Reality. 
                        Great experts examine the cultural aspects of this
technology, which 
                        represents a new potential and an additional dimension for
the internet. The 
                        panel closes with the presentation and awards ceremony of
the sound space 

                      In cooperation with MFG media development and feuersee
software GmbH 

                         Filmhaus, Friedrichstr. 23 A 

                        14:00   Michael G. Wagner, Geometrek, Web3D Consortium,
                                DeepWave - Visualizing Music through VRML 

                        15:00   Kathy Rae Huffman, Hull Time Based Art Centre,
                                3D Grrls 

                        16:00   Nick Polys, VirtuWorlds, Web3D Consortium, New
                                The Techniques of Perception in VRML 

                      17:00      sound-space - presentation & awards ceremony 

                        22:00   XML-Party 
                                Thomas Fehlmann & Ocean Club, Berlin & 3D-VJs
Bureau Destruct, Bern

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