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n][h][e][ptane][twurk --22:

This is an age where the art genre is being
de][flowered][voured by major artistic institutions and stripped of its
es.sent][and replied 2][ial and defining characteristics. Day after day I
find myself staring at highly derivative work, designed and fluffed via
plug-ins to replicate intricately designed networked elements originally
employed to reflect x.pressive/conceptual goals. These
elements then get lost in the rush to e][mbrace the][xhibit online, or 2
m.ulate other artists that have constructed the very fabric of this online
arts community.  As a fair percentage of current net art seems inherently
smeared with an inbuilt "Acceptable Exhibition Format" stamp, I find myself
taken less and less with the now largely standard re/deconstructed
][d][html/java/plugged-in work presented via the internet, and more focused
on work that uses the web as a medium for presentation and dispersal*.

--.slippage quotient high.--

[x.cerpt from a future writing pad used by fAf]

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         n.sert no here xXXx             
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