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[Nettime-bold] Mark Tribe talks @ jihui: Friday, January 26, 2001 7 PM - Parsons Centerfor New Design

Mark Tribe talks @ jihui - about Rhizome, about netart

Presented by jihui (A Project of the NetArt Initiative)

Friday, January 26, 2001 7 PM
Parsons Center for New Design
55 West 13th Street, 9th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
live webast at http://netart-init.org 7pm est.

Mark Tribe is an artist, entrepreneur, curator and arts administrator
whose interests lie at the intersection of emerging technologies and
contemporary art. In 1996, he founded Rhizome.org, a nonprofit
organization ocused on new media art. He then founded StockObjects, a
startup company that sold animations and other digital objects online.
Mark speaks widely on new media art and nonprofit management. Recent
speaking engagements include The Art Institute of Chicago,Rhode Island
School of Design and Razorfish Inc. He plays an active role as an
advocate for net artists on grant panels and in the press. He also
serves on the advisory boards of nonprofit arts organizations and new
media companies.

His most recent artwor, a net art project called StarryNight, is an
interface for browsing Rhizomes text library that represents each
article as a star in a night sky. StarryNight can be found online at

Prior to Rhizome.org and StockObjects, Mark wrked as an artist in
Berlin, and developed commercial web sites at Pixelpark GmbH, a leading
German new media agency. He received a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual
Art from the University of California, San Diego in 1994 and a BA in
Visual Art from Brown Uiversity in 1990.

The NETART INITIATIVE <http://netart-init.org> is a loosely knit, open
source based, hub styled, forum oriented, action enabled consortium,
where people meet, virtually and bodily, to communicate, exchange, and
discourse for advancing te understanding of a virtual art, a networked
art and an art that will be pervasive and ubiquitous in the years to

jihui (the meeting point), a self-regulated digital salon, invites all
interested people to send ideas for discussion/ performance/et, jihui is

where your voice heard and your vision shared.

jihui is sponsored by Digital Design Department and Center for New
Design @Parsons School of Design


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