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[Nettime-bold] Panel at SVA: Art and Architecture in the Space of Media

Art and Architecture in the Space of Media
Thursday,  Feburary 22, 2001 at the School of Visual Arts

Beyond Form: Art and Architecture in the Space of Media is premised on
the view that art and architecture are being absorbed into a
technological network that is literally modifying and transforming our
relation to the world through its ability to recontextualize a subject and
its representation.  As such this panel is  concerned with  how it has come
to re-organize our conception of art and architecture as practices.
Consequently, the presentations and discussion that make up this event will
form a hypertext that address how within the fields of art and architecture
this condition is being responded. Tom Zummer (Artist and  Theorist), Ed
Keller (digital artist / film+arch theorist) Ben Neill  (Composer)  Fabian
Marcaccio (Artist)  and the architectural group of Christine Calderon, Omar
Calderon and Peter Dorsey (Architects) will address how artists and
architects responding to the mediating space of technology seek to broaden
the critical parameters of their disciples, rather than merely produce a
technological aesthetic. This confluence of the conceptual grounding of art
and architecture is emerging as a significant issue as museums and
galleries increasingly come to focus on how this territory will come to be

Moderated by Saul Ostrow who is the Director  of the Center for Visual Art
and Culture, University of Connecticut as well as a critic and curator.  He
is also the former Editor of the book series  Critcal Voices in Art, Theory
and Culture G+B Arts International and is presently Art Editor,Bomb
Magazine, Co-Editor, Lusitania Press and a contributing editor NYArts
Magazine.  He recently curated an exhibition titled Working Digitally: No
Web Sites Please.

Fabian Marcaccio is an artist. His most recent project "Predator"  a
collaboration  with the architect Gregg Lynn which will open at the Wexner
Center in Columbus, Ohio  at the end of Januarary. He lives and works in
NYC and is represented by Gorney Bravin  Lee Gallery.

Ben Neill is a composer, performer, and designer of his own unique
electro-acoustic instrument, the mutantrumpet.  He has recorded six CDs of
his music on the Verve, Astralwerks, New Tone and Ear-Rational labels. His
sound/light installations have been exhibited at Paula Cooper Gallery,
American Museum of Natural History, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, England and
Sandra Gering Gallery in New York among others.  Neill has toured
internationally since the mid 1980's and was Music Curator of the Kitchen
from 1992-98.

Omar Calderon, Peter Dorsey and Christine Calderon , began their
collaboration after completing the architectural masters program at
Columbia University.  They are the Guest Editors for 'Beyond Form,
Architecture in the Space of the Media Age' to be published by Lusitania
Press spring 2001.

Thomas Zummer is an artist, curator, writer and scholar. He is currently
completing a book, Intercessionary Technologies: Database, Archive,
Interface, on the early history of reference systems. Mr. Zummer's drawings
and sculptural works have shown worldwide and has forthcoming shows in
Paris, London and Toronto. He is a frequent lecturer on philosophy and the
history of technology, and  teaches in the Critical Studies Department at
New York University. In 1994, with Robert Reynolds, curated CRASH:
Nostalgia for the Absence of Cyberspace at Thread Waxing Space in New York.
This was one of the first major exhibitions to have a significant portion
of works available online, and in/as other forms of transmission.  He is
also a contributing editor to Discourse, a journal of media studies. Thomas
Zummer lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Ed Keller is a Designer, professor, writer, architect, and multimedia
artist based  in NYC.  Current work includes the online interactive
development  startup aBIO+ Studios, as well as architectural design,
digital video  cine-roman projects, interactive / new  media installations,
and  screenplays under the aegis of atelier Chronotope,  a design research
 studio he founded in 1998. He is an Adjunct  Associate Professor at the
Columbia University Graduate School of  Architecture and acting director,
Advanced Architectural Design  Program, 2000-01.  His design research,
collaborations, essays and  interviews  have been published in ANY, AD,
Guggenheim Museum Publications, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Architecture,
Parpaings, Precis, Wired, Metropolis, Assemblage and Progressive

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