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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> COUP 2K

Fascinating posting.

There are two serious allegations in this posting 
which should be straightforward to prove or disprove.


ed marszewski:
> COUP 2K By John Dee

>    The US Supreme Court had based its controversial final ruling on the 
> premise on the immutability of Dec. 12th as the deadline for certifying 
> electors. Yet by that date, no fewer than 20 states -- nearly half the 
> country -- still had not submitted their lists of electors to the federal 
> government. "We consider the deadline to be Dec. 18 with no penalty," said 
> National Archives spokeswoman Susan Cooper.80 No one noticed or seemed to 
> care.
>    The final indignity came on Saturday, Jan. 6, when Congress met in 
> joint session to officially count and certify the electoral votes. But 
> fewer than half of our elected officials bothered to even show up. Legally, 
> at least 50% must be in attendance for there to be a quorum. Without a 
> quorum, the session is not legally recognized and any actions taken are, 
> technically, null and void.

If either or both of these were proven to be true, it 
would demonstrate that the rule of law has broken down 
in the United States.  Especially the second allegation.

Is anyone in a position to check these allegations ?
Fpr example, the Congressional Record might or might 
not have the appropriate information.


fred baube
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