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[Nettime-bold] n2+0

> wrote:
>> !zt luvl! luvl!
>>        \/\  NATO.0+55.7B!T.THREAT -  text <-> image <-> audio = loop ov meaning
>>             -  MAKE SPACE 4 DZE NEU GENERAZIE!!!!!!!
>>                would you like NATO.0+55 2 read 2 u dze ent!r !nternet +?
>>                would you like 2 +? u ud u not +? m! ent!r !ntrzt = !med!atl! zubord!natd 2 !t. da+ultra da.
>is this similar to the 242.text objects??
>they were ultra preliminary...
>i wonder if you could forward me the ref info for 242.axial
>may be the missing link in this project where i need to grab images/audio from a server to play over 3d

allo. may utilize to `dounload` film \ images 

>but i do not know if axial locked in a digital embrace with .0+204 will give a directory listing
>to choose from (?) etc.

nein. as indikated directory listing can be problematik depending on the server.
some servers may refuse directory listings.

however will be releasing an objekt shortly which is similar to 242.0+204
- it only dounloads and interfaces with the 242.text objekts
and there is a text objekt for parsing urls automatically [from web pages]
if the server permits it - the page transmitted when requesting
a directory would contain the files.

___.. however the objekt for parsing urls only extracts full links presently.
one other or i kould implemnt one for parsing for specific file types.
e.g. suffix .gif or .mov.

i expect there will be several persons interested in programming their own
parsers + text processing objekts. will inklude some preliminary ones
for modifying text dynamically - quite fun etc.

announcement shortly = trimodal processing++


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