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re:armament +?


how do you do.

>I'm trying to recommend that an aquaintance consider your softs. If you
>have time, please let me know exactly what the argument with '74 and
>ircam is about. Not heavy detail, but I only have gathered that they've
>co-opted ideas and possibly interfered with the operation of NATO.(?)
>Reason enough, I suppose, but I wondered how long the war will happen if
>the battle is so loud & long.

the so called `war` has been taking place for approx 2 years.
nn `wars` never end. never never +? 

no one has lived in the past. no one has lived in the future.
all one kan know is one self. how +?

naturlich this Cycling74 `war` shall be punctuated by 01 `korporat` routine
aber cest pas grav oui. 

time to teach nn's new routines. saves us time + shows our `rich.bored.edukated`

however - the digitalle routine = much much much too lovely to simply abandon. 
we adore emails. + protests = 01 excellent excuse 4 switching from produktiv 2 
reproduktiv ou dekonstruktiv. selekt as desired.


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