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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt[ \n2+0\ nn - dze flouz ov

nn consults 01 ungrateful cycling74 consultant

>mysterious love (or proxy) -

love proxy +?


du = shl nvr loze !n dze mutaz!on glass bead game 
avec dze nn z!rklr zve!te[z]!ztem -- - - -- --\\


dze thought ov travel!ng 2 zleep alua!z auakenz m!.


= had b!n th!nk!ng dur!ng zleep ov all ! had b!n b!o dream!ng

d!sz = leavez m! free2 chooze. dze perzepz!on perz!ztz !n m! auake

>the nato article 

overture. h!er = !zt 01 suan. tend!ng 2 batal!onz ov lettrz
dze kr!ketz = d!ne upon. frescoes dekorat dze fasz + nekc

>that lives on bootsquad. 

dze zpektatorz gaze at bot!celo. taktual sensz.
float!ng on 01 bed ov romant!k asp!r!na. 

>part of what

hou do ! u konv!sz - b glad 

>i'd like to do is take looks at some of the extended distribution 

a lot of ppl on the internet never read proust.

>as well as

at a tiny bar with my proust who stirs my fantasy to absurdity.

>overview. and i think it benefits you more than it benefits me.

du - jealous monster uant!ng 2 rob odrz ov dze!r plzr

>so, please consider it.

! m ku!te hap!l! - thank u

>is there any further word on the ZKM event? 

date relokatd 2 march odr apr!l az per nn ordnung + d!sz!pl!n.

>time is running short for travel

!n2 dze uel uatrd + poet!k pe!zaj zplend!d und garden rever!e +?

>plans, if there are any to make.

! fabr!kate m! oun free u!l
u z - ! = uear!ng ur rosez

>we had a nice time 

gaze f!ksd on dze hor!zont +?

>we had a nice time 

dzn u havnt quarld +?
uat on earth made u th!nk dzat ue had quarld +?
01 zuplementar! zensz ov perzepz!on

>with rene beekman last week. he came by on friday night

m! emot!onz = !nfrared

>and sat in at our weekly performance at subtonic. it's a nice community
>you've birthed.

plz drau dze kurta!nz uen u go

uat u hav p!kd. uat ! = hav p!kd.
dzeze ue = shl b!nd zusamn.
entu!n!ng dusz 01 fa!r bouquet
4rom g!ftz ue = znd 1 odr.

[p-un_kT-pr_o-Tk_oL]  f    3       |
                 herausgegeben vm !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
       : / /  

                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |         
                                   \\----------------+  |          

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