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[Nettime-bold] Jordan Crandall - Drive in Rotterdam

Exhibition at TENT in collaboration with V2_Organisation, Rotterdam.
Time: 25 January till 11 February 2001 - open Tue - Sun, 11 - 18 h
Location: Witte de Withstraat 50 te Rotterdam
t 010 413 5498
f 010 413 5521
e w

Jordan Crandalls installation 'Drive' is being presented in TENT in
cooperation with V2_Organisatie. Drive is about the influence of moving
images onto the spectators. About their psychological and physical impact.
But it is also about the development of the cinematographic language and its
deep connection with the changing society. Crandall has conciously embedded
Drive in a historical and political context. Historical by using old film
techniques (Super 8 mm and 16 mm), which he transformed into a contemporary
document by DVD and the latest software. Political by using civilian and
military images. Military footage shows a very different approach than
'ordinary' film does. It does not register movements but tracks them.
Crandall combines recordings by espionage cameras, satellites, Night Vision
devices and thermal imaging cameras, to create an interaction of movement,
technology and even erotic desire. This way Drive's hybrid post-cinematic
imagery contributes to film history.

Eendrachtsstraat 10 - 3012 XL Rotterdam
tel: 31.10.2067272 - fax: 31.10.2067271

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