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[Nettime-bold] Press Release "CAPITOL & GENDER"

CAPITAL & GENDER - Conference 24-26 January
Capital & Gender conference will include theorists, curators, art critics, managers  and
artists from different Balkan and other Eastern countries  (Macedonia,
Bulgaria, Albania, SR Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia,
Bosnia and Herzegovina) and several guests from the Western countries,
invited to cover the four different topics entailed within the framework
of the main theme of the project: the problem of the reflection of the
capital on the gender and sexual difference in the countries that are
experiencing the shift from state to market economy. The three-day
conference will take place at the space of the Open Graphic Art Studio
at the Museum of the City of Skopje in organization of Suzana Milevska,
curator and theorist from Macedonia.

24   January 
morning session 
first topic: Capital, Information and Difference
The problem of the proliferation of money and information is influencing the concept  of
sexual differentiation in the countries where the social issues of
equality and difference in the past fifty years were structured
differently than in the Western countries.

second topic: Real Art/Virtual Money
The question of art that is socially and politically engaged becomes a very delicate  issue
in the context where the art market does not exist and the financial
problems shape the art concepts directly. 

afternoon session: Capital in Theory and Practice - workshop 
or Workshop at the Contemporary Art Center - curators: Suzana Milevska and Melentie

25	January 
morning session 
third topic: Pay- per View Art
The question of sex and pornography in arts differs from time to time, from one culture  to
another.  Within this session the different aspects and attitudes toward
these problems are going to be discussed in the framework of different
laws and cultural corporeal stereotypes in East and West.
fourth topic Gender & Management
Presentations of cultural managers and comparing different experiences in conditions  of
transformation of the attitude toward culture in transitional societies 

26 January
Troubles with Sex, Theory and History - Lecture by Marina Grzinic   
 Who is Afraid of a Big Bad Capital - panel discussion with all participants comparing  the
fears and desires of the new coming society

Web project workshops: 24, 25, 26, and 27 January

Each day there are going to be organized web project workshops at the Contemporary  Art
Center. The web project is imagined as a parallel activity that gives
opportunity to the artists to put parts or whole projects on Internet
that are discussing the main topics of the Capital & Gender project or
the Perfect Match public art exhibition. Curator of the workshops:
Suzana Milevska and Melentije Pandilovski, Director of the CAC.

24 January
10.00 - 11.30 Capital, Information and Difference 
Suzana Milevska, Dorothee Bauerle - Willert, Branka Andzelkovic, Despina Angelovska
12.00 - 13.00 Real Art/Virtual Money 
Jara Boubnova, Zdenko Buzek, Danica Dakic/Sandra Sterle, Luchezar Boyadjiev
14.30 - 16.00 Workshop - Capital in Theory and Practice
(14.30 - 20.00 - optional: Web project digital workshop, Curator; Melentie Pandilovski,  Contemporary
Art Center) 

25 January
10.00 - 11.30 Pay- per View Art
Huseyin Alptekin, Katalin Timar
12.00 - 13.00 Gender and Management
Olga Zhuk, Ljubica Arsovska, Eleni Laperi Koci, Svetlana Racanovic

20.00 The Great Wall Walk - Marina Abramovic (photographs with drawings)
Open Graphic Art Studio
Opening of the exhibition of 12 drawings over photographs by Marina Abramovic of her  project
The Walk on the Great Wall with Ulay 

26 January
10.00-11.00 Troubles with Sex Theory and History - Lecture by Marina Grzinic
11.00 - 12.30 Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Capital (round table)
Moderator: Jara Boubnova (Bulgaria)
Participants: Yuko Hasegawa, Dorothee Baurle-Willert, Huseyin B. Alptekin, Zaneta Vangeli,  Xenis
14.30 - 19.00 Optional: Web project digital workshop, Contemporary Art Center
Participants of the conference and the workshops: Huseyin B. Alptekin, artist (Turkey),  Ljubica
Arsovska, Editor in Chief of Culturen zivot magazine (Macedonia),
Dotothee Bauerle-Willert, art historian (Germany), Jara Boubnova,
curator (Bulgaria), Luchezar Boyadjiev, artist (Bulgaria), Zdenko Buzek
(Croatia), Danica Dakic, artist (BiH), Marina Grzinic, artist and art
theorist (Slovenia), Yuko Hasegawa, selector of the 7th International
Istanbul Biennial (Japan), Eleni Laperi Koci, art manager (Albania),
Suzana Milevska, curator and art theorist, (Macedonia), Svetlana
Racanovic, art manager (Monte Negro, SRY), Sandra Sterle, artist
(Croatia), Katalin Timar, art historian (Hungary), Olga Zhuk, cultural
and art manager (Ukraina), Zaneta Vangeli, artist (Macedonia)

18.00 - 22.00 - PERFECT MATCH
Opening of the public art project in the City Shopping Mall

Curator: Suzana Milevska 
Participants: Huseyn B. Alptekin (Turkey), Maja Bajevic (BiH), Zdenko Buzek (Croatia),  Luchezar
Boyadjiev (Bulgaria), Violeta Capovska (Macedonia/Australia), Danica
Dakic/Sandra Sterle (BiH/Croatia), Marina Grzinic (Slovenia), Hristina
Ivanoska/Yane Calovski (Macedonia/USA), Slavica Janeslieva (Macedonia),
Kai Kaljo (Estonia), Zoran Naskovski/ Jelena Jocic (SR Yugoslavia),
Rassim  (Bulgaria), Dejan Spasovik (Macedonia), Igor Tosevski
(Macedonia), Tanja Ostojic (SR Yugoslavia), Ana Stojkovic (Macedonia),
Tatjana Vujinovic (SR Yugoslavia) 

27 January

10.00 - 20.00 Web project digital workshop, Contemporary Art Center
20.00 - PROMOTION of the web project www.scca.org.mk/capital/  
Contemporary Art Center

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