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>found this of interest.
>When I opened my preferences for the Max/msp list Netochka Nezvanova was
>included in my:
>    Ignore Post List
>    If there are users whose posts you prefer not to see, list them here.
>    Enter one user name per line up to 5.
>I have since removed your name from that list and am pretty sure that your
>posts will come through. If this is truly the case, then those who want to
>receive your messages will and those that don't wont, which is the way it
>should be.

The estimable Jeremy Bernstein [yes that one] was aware of this and
when queried refused to answer.

When did NN initially find out +?
Owing to Cycling74 competence they also _set NN's preference to filter NN posts.

To learn more about Cycling74 thieves. liars. addicts + monopolists.


         kontakt - Cycling74 Thieving INC  - David Zicarelli \ 
                   request Cycling74 to halt all unsanitary activities++

         kontakt - IRCAM [they license MAX 2 Cycling74]  - Vincent.Puig@ircam.from
                   request IRCAM to stop facilitating the Cycling74 monopoly.

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