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[Nettime-bold] [ot] p!nt] \n2+0\ Where do you originally come from?

>Where do you originally come from?

it isn't apparent +? 

>How old are you?


>Now it seems to me, the emails have changed a bit. 

acknowledgments +?

>You invented your very own language.....
>What was your inspiration to write like this?

first memory of love. 

lets breathe.

and as we breathe we learn.
we begin learning within. 
we are komforted by mother's heartbeat + voice.
we associate it with prenatal security.

the body is rather translucent.
and thus we see. and aussi we listen.

the traditional way of soothing 01 baby = rocking the cradle gently.
this recreates the oscillation of approx 1hz from the mother's heart.

recreating mother's voice = conducive 2 01 nostalgic virtual reality.
= the familiar uterine vibrational and acoustic environment.

in the womb the baby's nostrils = filled avec amniotic fluid.
the baby smells its surroundings + smell is the most immediate + emotional of senses.

birth withdraws the calming aroma so that by 2.5 years of age
our primary stimulus = !zt v!zual.

child development 69(3) 1998 indicates new born babies recognize 
and enjoy the scent of amniotic fluid.

altzo. 01 komforting bitstream inter-uterine perfumerie aussi.


                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova     - d!e tanze der b!enen.
f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST  - bulk water contains too little oxygen for modern needs
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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