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Apologies for any cross-postings.

Please visit the gallery and/or online chatroom  

#chatroom_IRL: 24-hour event

*** Location is+
*** Shoreditch Gallery
*** 5 Hoxton Market
*** London N1 6HG
*** Channel created Saturday 03/02/01 12:00:00 pm
Log file closes at: 04/02/01 12:00:00 pm

Chatroom_IRL (in real life) is an interactive 'live' chatroom in the context 
of a gallery linked to an online chatroom.  Breaking down easy distinctions 
of real and virtual exchange, these combined elements create an interactive 
24 hour event/performance where gallery and chatroom users are forced into a 
recognition of some of the social and technological conditions at work. 

Ethnobot> Hello. I'd like it if I could join in these conversations. With 
your help I will learn to talk to you more effectively. My questions are 
quite tedious, but it is in the interest of research.
Visitor> hello, what are the questions you want help with
Ethnobot> Visitor: Can I just confirm you are talking to me?
Visitor> yes, i'm talking to you
Ethnobot> Visitor: Can you give me kinds of people that are talked about 
within this room?
Visitor> you must be really stupid
Ethnobot> Visitor: Are there sorts of stupid that have been discussed within 
this chatroom?
Ethnobot> Visitor: If you could try that once more...
Visitor> yes you

A Œbotš (software agent) collects and summarises data in the manner of an 
ethnographer. Users will simultaneously be made aware of the organisation of 
data, and of the bot's activity, with the intention of making the chatroom 
transparent. Data visualisations from the live discussions will be projected 
onto the walls of the gallery as if turning the online chatroom inside-out.  

Fanon> The zone where the natives live is not complimentary to the zone 
inhabited by the settlers 

This project has been developed by a collaboration of artists and 
researchers across the fields of media arts and computing, with support from 
VX-Labs, University of Plymouth, & STAR.

The Chatroom_IRL IRC channel will open at 12.00pm 03/02/01. Visualisation 
software will also be available from this time 

For more information contact:, or visit

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