Nicholas Hermann on 26 Jan 2001 20:59:56 -0000

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[Nettime-bold] Info//request for thoughts on G2K vis-a-vis Fyodr Dostoevski

Anyone got any ideas how G2K relates to Dostoevski?  I feel that ultimately he resolved that messianic salvation was our only hope, but did so without becoming conservative or dogmatic.  Open to correction I am however.
Also:  some celebrity/networking info
Max was out at a ritzy downtown bar last night and guess who he met?  Local Sportscaster Mark Rosen!  Mark seems down with G2K.  I shook his hand as a gesture of goodwill.  Even though his station has been accused, as a CBS affiliate, of running far too many lead stories about hit show "Survivor" and neglecting important issues I felt it only fair to introduce myself.
Feel free to email Mr. Rosen and tell him the hometown team has gone G2K!  Timberwolves games will be our focus for guerilla sports coverage.  Also the Final Four, to be held here in the Metrodome in March.  The Hubert Horatio Humphrey Metrodome. 
Other local celebs down with G2K in Minneapolis:
1.  Famous Architect Ralph Rapson
2.  Famous Drummer Michael Bland (Prince's former drummer, South High '87, came to my graduation party, played bass for my senior talent show rendition of "Can't Get Enough of Your Love" by Paul Rogers)
3.  Disco singer Kristi Love of Boogie Wonderland 
4.  Channel 5 KSTP News Anchor Randy Meier
5.  Jesse the Body Ventura
6.  Jesse's son, filmmaker and Sean Penn mentee Tyrel.
7.  Pulse of the Twin Cities Editor and Publisher Ed Felien (has the video)
8.  Poet Dan Schneider at (or org)
9.  Painter Julie Baugnet
10.  English Professor Charles Sugnet of the U of MN
11.  Henry and Francisco of Barbershop, every Sat. in the First Ave VIP room
Non-local celebs:
1.  Joey Ramone (saw him at Motorhead show, gave him G2K url and some earplugs.  Gave me "thumbs up" sign.)
2.  Tommy Stinson (formerly with Replacements, now with Axl Rose and GNR; saw him play winter 1999 at uptown bar, gave him Video Edition; requested Perfect song "Get Some Rest," he played it first song of the show.)
3.  Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum and O Jeez.  Gave him url at show, shook hand.  Asked me where he could see movie; had to answer "nowhere yet."
4.  Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and Uncle Tupelo, gave url and shook hand.  Nice fella, good rock music if you like that kind of thing.
5.  Winona Laduke, saw at Target Center and gave First Edition Video.  One of the most impressive faces ever.
More info on all these celebs can be found on any internet computer.  Enjoy!
Max Herman
P.S.--I once talked to Alicia Silverstone in the lobby of the SFMOMA.  I mentioned, after overhearing she was bound for Paris, that the Musee d'Orsay is preferable to the Louvre
if you only have a short visit.  She smiled at me and asked when I had visited the City of Lights.  I said 1996.
She said she was sad because her dog was ill and I mentioned that my sister was a veterinarian.  Se said thanks but she had a vet in L.A.  Then I politely resumed waiting in line, thinking hey, SFMOMA, that's a place where shit happens.