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[Nettime-bold] Mikrokino FEST 2001

international short film festival
Belgrade, February 19-23

Mikrokino FEST 2001, previously announced for January 26-31, is
postponed to February 19-23. It will be held at the SKC (Student
Cultural Centre) in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, as an extra programme by the
29th FEST - Belgrade International Film Festival. Mikrokino FEST 2001 is
organized by LOW-FI VIDEO, an independent film group from Belgrade.
80 titles from many different countries have been selected to be shown
at the Mikrokino FEST 2001. This number will be larger, because an
Independent Exposure show by the Microcinema Inc. / Blackchair
Productions from Seattle will be included in the festival programme.

Mikrokino FEST 2001 programme will include:
- 36 short experimental films (17 from Denmark and 19 from other
- 22 short narrative films,
- 12 short animations,
- 7 documentaries,
- 1 interactive CD-ROM film,
- 1 full-length feature film,
- 1 interactive CD-ROM multimedia project.

The films selected have arrived from 19 countries:
- Denmark (17 titles),
- UK (10 titles),
- USA (8 titles),
- Australia, Russia, Canada, Yugoslavia (6 titles from each country),
- Croatia, Syria, Norway, Romania (3 titles from each country),
- Poland, India, FYRO Macedonia, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden, Ireland (1
title from each country).
Also, there is 1 full-length feature film made as American-Yugoslav
project and 1 interactive CD-ROM multimedia project from Hungary.
Films from Europe make 70% of the Mikrokino FEST 2001 programme.

The detailed screening schedule will be announced later.
The festival catalogue will be available after the 10th of February,
The list of selected films can be found at the festival's Web site, at:
For any further information please contact Mikrokino FEST 2001 at:

Aleksandar Gubas
Mikrokino FEST 2001

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