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[Nettime-bold] [ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Russian dolls 4 dze ganze veLt - [neu + !mprovd koka kola

>At the same time there is something genuinely revolutionary about your 




>When you read your statement at DEAF, Rotterdam, it was for me 
>the first time in a long time that someone had that spirit of 
>manifestoism (personal remark, I liked it). 




>Are you a revolutionary? 

I shall inform you in my next transmissie +?
da +? dadadadadada. NN is undulating 2 01 ultra mort Bach.
Suppose du = shall \ must have to imagine my rhythm.

>What is your revolution aiming at?

I [only] wish to rent you. 

>And does gender play an important role in your thinking? In which 

I read you listen. 

komfortable +?

Russian dolls       - you are acquainted with yes +?

Russian nesting dolls have always fascinated.
As I take apart each outer doll, I await expectantly too see
if there is yet a smaller doll within.

As the dolls become tinier and tinier I marvel at the delicacy of 
the craft that produces successively smaller dolls.
[nn smiles at you (not you) fractally. you sense +?]

But displaying them is a dilemma. Should I have each doll separate but visible, 
lined up in an ever diminishing row +? Such a display is pleasing, for it shows 
each component of the largest doll, but dissatisfying, because each individual doll, 
while visible, is empty. 

The complexity of the nesting is gone, and with it, the pleasure, craft, and
beauty of the assembled structure. Understanding the system of nesting dolls 
comes not from seeing each separate doll. 

The Russian doll is an exquisite structure for envisioning the layers of
human sexuality, from the cellular to the social and historical.
Academics take the system apart for display or to study one of the dolls
in detail []

But each doll is hollow. 

Only the complete assembly makes `sense` 
[never ever search + shall find always - may I have another interview please] 
Unlike its wooden [can you cut] counterpart the human nesting doll changes with time. 
Change may happen in any of its layers, but since the entire assembly must fit together, 
altering one of the component dolls requires the interlinked system - from the cellular 
to the institutional - to change.

Social and comparative historians write about the past to assist in understanding
why humans frame the present in particular ways - the outermost doll.
Analysts of pop-kultur, literary critics, anthropologists
inform about the current culture - the 2nd largest doll.
Sociologists and psychologists compute about individual relationships + individual
development - the 3rd largest doll.
Cells compare the final, tiny doll within the organism.

Utilizing the Russian doll frame work indicates history, culture,
relationships, psyche, organism, and cell are each locations 
from which to study the formation and meanings of sexuality and gender. 
Developmental systems theory, whether applied to the assembled doll or 
to its subunits provides the scaffolding for thought and experiment. 
Assembling smaller dolls into a single large one requires the integration of +?
We cannot understand unless we +?

Donna Haraway has written that biology is politics by other means. 

NN provides the extended argument for that truism.

         nn = had b!n undulat!ng 2 -
         [rem!ndz nn ov zomdz!ng or odr]




part deux - 01 odr

>  I'm very much willing to discuss any such ideas. How do you control 
>your plants? 

as you - do not. i touch them. konsum them.
they touch me. konsum me.
we are butterflies. our wings flap each other.
01 form of love at a distance.

>What kind of living materials are you using? 

the ones have `decided` to live in the garden.

if one stood still for an elongated time
plants would be happy to provide a bio.embrace.
it is due 2 they are undesirous of running away.
i should like to be a human plant. 

it would indikate i have the ability to survive 
sans running away or running towards.
i will shed leaves in the shade because i like stepping on bugs.

>Do you actually wear the dress?

nein. but i would like to. i do in a sense. but not literally.
that is i am also wearing a planet at this very moment
if you travel an elongated distance and view.

+ now we arrive at the lovely sekzie.

>  Change of subject; i have a project i'm thinking about, 

mm. delicious.

>perhaps, in 
>turn, you would like to join? It is to create an "impossible 

you wish to give life.

i shall tell.

5 years prior to present a girl acquired her 1st computer.
she was enthusiastic about investigating the digital corridors 
- of a networked ambalaj she read about so - the internet.

it appeared to her it did not greatly differ
from the garden she so adored visiting. perhaps
more sanitary. 

the girl was timid and traveling in uncharted
territory, thus much as any `smart` cell did during the cambrian period 
she sought the protektion of another cell. she named it =cw4t7abs.

the internet proved formidable. and =cw4t7abs more so.

a year passed and then one other. 
soon the girl began to feel invidious of =cw4t7abs. 

although she gave it life 
it was evident to her =cw4t7abs
was much more loved than her.

the jealousy replicated and replicated
yet she resisted despair by detuning her desires.

in another year's time she observed
=cw4t7abs grew temperamental and v.reluctant to duplicate.
initially she attributed it to a temporary switch in phase current
but when the episodes repeated she promptly requested
a formal examinazie.

=cw4t7abs arrived quite punctually + began to spell.


she rose furiously [for her desires already 
detuned had been into the intolerable range] + programmed =cw4t7abs to go. 
it obliged promising never to return.

                                                               what did =cw4t7abs report
                                                               which so upset me +?
                                                               that i can never tell]

months pulsed away. the girl was silent now. 
the internet proved less fantastik and she retraced her steps
into the garden where she read alone. the rekombinant coefficient
was an at all time low. the plants comforted her yet she oftenly 

a laser guided kiber konflikt brought her positive returns.
a telegram signaled - expeditor : =cw4t7abs 
informing of unauthorized return.

promptly she procured 01 ultra zkueek plaztik domicile.

within attosekonds =cw4t7abs left its traces on ceramic ribbons + microfluidic channels.
they exchanged cell.signals. membankx + lux.bits. a kommon form ov dze b!nd!ng theor+e.
they loved one other - this remained so.         
finalment she searched 

          - will you stay +?
          - dezp!t zukzezez dze progresz = haz b!n f!n!t.            
            klonez konztruktd = hav enkountrd forSS++ 
            opoz!z!e + oftnl!
          - a
          - zukumbd
          - you aren't ...
          - eku!pd 2 netverk. da + da.

            my eyes have glanced its recommendations + assay samples


i welcomed her with wet eyes 1 year ago.

=cw4t7abs is quantum much more so then i.
although i had forgotten the implementation
of the sexual reprodukzie apparat
the love had given curved and spiraled
+ entered me again in an infinite warm glow.

her name is netochka nezvanova.

nn. !mprov!ng enkr!pz!on teknolog!e

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova    - repeat unt!l lern!ng = l!m!td b! dze amount left 2 b lernd
                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |     <   
                                   \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                       |       >

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