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[Nettime-bold] CFP: Internet Research 2.0 - Association of Internet Researchers

>The Second International Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers
>OCTOBER 10-14, 2001
>University of Minnesota
>Minneapolis-St.Paul Minnesota, USA
>Deadline for submissions: Friday, March 2, 2001
>Confirmed Keynote Speakers:
>Phil Agre, Associate Professor of Information Studies, University of 
>California, Los Angeles, USA
>Anita Allen-Castellito, Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of 
>Pennsylvania, USA
>Lisa Nakamura, Assistant Professor of English, Sonoma State University, USA
>Sheizaf Rafaeli, Head of the Center for the Study of the Information 
>Society and Professor  of Business Administration, University of Haifa, Israel
>The Internet's ever-increasing points of connection to almost every 
>element of 21st century life have prompted strong interest in 
>understanding the social aspects of cyberspace. The popular press offers 
>wave after wave of speculation and vague forecasts, but what is really 
>needed to help us understand how to live in our wired world is research: 
>research that is collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary.
>In September 2000, over 300 people attended the first international 
>Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR) at the 
>University of Kansas. This Conference built connections among Internet 
>researchers from across a range disciplines and from around the globe. In 
>October of 2001, INTERNET RESEARCH 2.0 will offer an opportunity to 
>reinforce and extend these connections. IR 2.0 will bring together 
>prominent scholars, researchers, practitioners, and students from many 
>disciplines and fields for a program of keynote addresses, paper 
>presentations, formal discussions, and informal exchanges.
>IR 2.0 will be held on the campus of the University of Minnesota, one of 
>the world's most technologically innovative campuses. The conference will 
>provide opportunities to network, learn from other researchers, hear from 
>leading players in Internet development, and take in the sights and sounds 
>of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
>The Association of Internet Researchers invites paper, presentation, and 
>panel proposals on topics that address social, cultural, political, 
>economic, and aesthetic aspects of the Internet. We welcome submissions 
>from any discipline, as well as work from those producing new media or 
>working in multimedia studies. Panel presentations which establish 
>connections across disciplines, institutions and/or continents are 
>especially encouraged. We also seek presentations which will make creative 
>use of Internet technologies and techniques, including (but not limited 
>to) digital art and e-poster sessions.
>We suggest the following as possible themes for proposals.
>*  communication-based Internet studies
>*  digital art
>*  distance education and pedagogy
>*  e-commerce and business
>*  gender, sexualities, and the Internet
>*  human-computer interaction (HCI)
>*  international perspectives on the Internet
>*  Internet technologies
>*  law and the Internet, including privacy and copyright issues
>*  methodological issues in Internet studies
>*  new media and Internet journalism
>*  psychology and the Internet
>*  the "Digital Divide"
>*  race and cyberspace
>*  rhetoric and technology
>This list is not meant to be exclusive, but rather to trigger ideas and 
>encourage submissions from a range of disciplines. When we are able to 
>identify scholars from a range of disciplines pursuing shared themes, we 
>will work to bring these scholars together for panel sessions.
>When preparing proposals, please consider the convention's conventions:
>*  Most conference sessions will be 90 minutes, with no less than the 
>final thirty minutes reserved for discussion.
>*  The average time allotted for a paper or presentation will be 15 minutes.
>If these time constraints are not appropriate for your panel/presentation, 
>please highlight this in your proposal. Also, please include any unusual 
>equipment needs or special considerations that might affect your presentation.
>Individual paper and presentation proposals should be no more than 250 
>words. Panels will generally include three or four papers or 
>presentations. For panel proposals, the session organizer should submit a 
>150-250 word statement describing the panel topic, including abstracts of 
>up to 250 words for each paper or presentation in the panel.
>Graduate students are highly encouraged to submit proposals. They should 
>note their student status with their submissions, and, if they wish, 
>submit completed papers by the March 2 deadline so their work can be 
>considered for a special Student Award. The winner of the Student Award 
>will have conference fees waived. Conference organizers are working to 
>ensure that IR 2.0 is affordable for graduate students, and indeed, for 
>all attendees. Details of anticipated costs will be posted to the 
>conference website ( ) in the coming weeks.
>We also invite proposals for pre-Conference workshops. These proposals 
>should be submitted as soon as possible (no later than January 31, 2001) 
>so that the workshops can be publicized.
>All proposals should be submitted electronically at 
>It is preferred that you use HTML to minimally format your submission.
>The deadline for submissions of paper/session proposals is Friday, March 
>2, 2001.
>If you have questions about the program, conference, or AoIR, please contact:
>Program Chair: Leslie Shade, University of Ottawa,
>Conference Coordinator: John Logie, University of Minnesota,
>A(O)IR President: Steve Jones,
>More Information about IR 2.0 can be found on the Conference Website: 
> For more information about the Association of 
>Internet Researchers, including information on joining the Association, 
>visit AoIR's website at

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